The Styles Triplets

Meet Marcel Harry and Edward. Marcel - the nerdy one, Harry - the popular flirt, Edward - the badboy. Now Meet Kayla Sam and Star. Kayla - The Loud one who always gets introuble, Sam - the quiet one who gets good grades, Star - the semi popular one who hangs out with all the populars.


13. ch. 13

Sam - 

We all went back to Kayla and Eds room for the night. Niall Brought like ten bags of chips with him and he ate like 3 bags in 10 minutes. We just talked and sat there doing nothing.

"LETS PLAY A GAME!!!!" screached Louis high squeaky voice.

"What game lou?" Harry asked

"TRUTH OR DAREEEEE" he screamed.

"Ok but stop screaming my ears are gunna bleed." Zayn compliained.

"Lets do a mix between spin the bottle and truth or dare. Ill spin and who ever it lands on i have to dare." Star said.

She spun the bottel and it landed on Liam.

"Liam i dare you to.....steal Nialls food."

Niall looked up with a blank look. (like this O.O)

"aww no girly dis is MAH food."

Liam suck up behind hi and grabed the chips from Nialls lap then ran out into the hall.

"Ok You guys can come back now! Liam give him the chips." I yelled.

They came back soaking wet. 

"Did you go in the fountian?" Zayn asked.

"No it just rained in the hall smart one of course they went in the fountain." Louis said.

Then Liam spun the bottle. it landed on Marcel.

"Marcel i dare you to Kiss Sam."

He looked at me and i smiled.He was sitting next to me so he just turned his head and kissed me.

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