The Styles Triplets

Meet Marcel Harry and Edward. Marcel - the nerdy one, Harry - the popular flirt, Edward - the badboy. Now Meet Kayla Sam and Star. Kayla - The Loud one who always gets introuble, Sam - the quiet one who gets good grades, Star - the semi popular one who hangs out with all the populars.


1. ch. 1

Im Kayla.This is Sam and Star my best friends.

Ten theres Our neighbors the styles Triplet. I live net to Sam and the boys. Star lives on the other side of Sam. I like Living here. with our otherfriends across the street. Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis.

We are also friends with Zayn's sister Veronica adn Liam's brother, Leeroy. any way heres the story.

I waled up to my locker ad got cornered. by Ed.

"Hey girly"

"up ed?"

"Nothing, what are you doing after school?"

"i have no idea"

"Did we have math home work?"

"How should i know? i was talking and being my anoying self all class."

"this is why your the best!"

I slightly pushed him."Shut it Ed."

"Catch later?"

"Ya" I think he is so adorabe sometimes. The scene and the bad boy.

Ya  like that'll happen.

i pushed my Black and Turqouise hair out of m face and and faintly smiled, just at the tought of me and Ed together.



I opened my loker an placed dow my books and got out all my suplies fro the next class.

"Look who it is, Sam, little smart pants." i looked down at my skirt.

"Acctually im wearing a skirt."

"What? wh- nevermind, so let me guess youve got a class next." It was the jock Jack.


"Well it be a shame if you missed it. to bad your gunna."

Jack punched my stomach then is friend Brian held my wrists and the kicked me and punched me more.

"Help!" i called out.

"Noo Stop it leav her alone." called out his little nerd voice.

"Leave sam alone. you can hurt me."

"No Marcel!" Brian let go of me and i slownly slide down the wall into my knees.

As soon as Jack hit Marcel i cried. Why would he take that from them!

The bell rang and Jack and Brian ran away.

"Marcel!" i crawled over as best i could.

I shook him.

"Marcel please wake up!" 

i strted to cry more. they knocked him out. its not easy to do that.

"MARCEL please wake up!!" i just broke down and flopped next to him.




"Noooo." he moved his arm and revealed a few cuts. they had stabed him.

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