love death sad

ann knows about the storys her "sister" tells are about her becuase she told her they where......... so i ran away i met a boy killed my best friend and started a war in a week.


3. oh no

"Ok whats going on?" I asked when I woke up.

"Well caeser and you can see into the future and I can read minds and yours hurts my feelings I wish it would shut up you can also levitate things and fell emotions of other people whitch is vary useless I think."Frank added that last comment for his own likeing

"Frank that was not a cvary nice comment " I said

"Nither was your 'knight in jeans's laughing last night was it?" that irked me off alot.

"Ok thats not funny and i dont think thats a way to use your abiiteys and all i ment is"

"That my brother that you seen in a 'dream' was what you like in a guy but you never see the last of the 'dream' so you dont kno if you iend up with him or me and the awnser my sweet is soon to come thats why we took you and my brother is asleep so he herd nothing but he already seen it in a 'dream' and thinks you are funny and cute and wants to kiss you" just then Caeser grabed Franks neck and Frank samed on the brakes (good thing there where no cars behind us) .

"s....t.....o.....p......"Frank choked out "s....o....r....r....y" "p...l...e...a...s...e..."

"STOP!"I yelled "You about killed him,Caeser come bace here it is not a good idea to have you two sit by each other."They looked at her for a minute then Caesergot to the back.

Oh no what have I gotten into.

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