Slowly Falling, Barely Reaching

Bo is an artist. A poetry artist, to be exact. A girl who's muse, is the love of her life, Carter. She writes and writes about him. But things start to be different... what is Bo going to do? Nothing will ever make her heart stop loving Carter, but her mind tells her it's time to move on.

This is a short story, revolved around 'Near To You' by A Fine Frenzy.


5. One More Time

It was 2nd day of spring break and Bo decided to shoot Brantley a text. They had met a week ago, so she thought she had waited long enough.

To: Brantley

Hey it's Bo, from Jamba Juice


Bo waited but only for 2 minutes.


From: Brantley

Hey :) Do you want to go get ice cream later?


To: Brantley

sure (: where?


From: Brantley

Not sure yet, meet me at the starbucks by your work at 3 :)


 Bo didn't reply, she was just way too exited.

She jumped in the shower, braided her hair so it would fall in lose brown waves, did her make up to look natural, and put on her fave Mac lip gloss, Nice Buzz.

"WHAT TO WEAR!" she yelled to herself.

She ended up wearing some light was high waist shorts and a pink Marilyn Monroe tank top with her black bandeau and cheetah oxford shoes.

It was 2:45 and she decided it was time to go because Starbucks was about an 8 minute drive anyway.

When she pulled up, she noticed a bright red Camaro with black rims and black race stripes. Guess who was in it? None other than Brantley.

"Hey! Bo!" yelled Brantley as he noticed her getting out of her 2006 black honda accord...

He almost fell from trying to get out so fast just to open the door for her. It was so cute to her.

They ended up just eating and having a tea at Starbucks. They talked for about an hour, and then decided to take a walk on the beach.

"So I've had fun today. Would this count as the first date?" asked Brantley with a smile on his face.

"I mean," she paused, "yes. Yes it does," she added with a smile.

They both got to the beach in Brantley's car, so they were on their way back to Starbucks so Bo could get her car.

'And here we are, back to the basics," said Brantley.

Bo just could get away from that smile...

"Thank you so much for the date. It was wonderful," said Bo, with a sly look.

Brantley started to lean in to kiss Bo on the cheek, but she didn't know that until she turned her head only to let Brantley's lips smash into hers.

"That was not supposed to happen..." said Brantley smirking.

"Oh it's okay.. it was my fault."

"Well this one is going to be my fault. One more time." said Brantley quickly kissing Bo again.

"I've gotta get home. Thanks again, see you later," she said and slipped out of the car.

She drove home with such a smile, no one would understand it.


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