Slowly Falling, Barely Reaching

Bo is an artist. A poetry artist, to be exact. A girl who's muse, is the love of her life, Carter. She writes and writes about him. But things start to be different... what is Bo going to do? Nothing will ever make her heart stop loving Carter, but her mind tells her it's time to move on.

This is a short story, revolved around 'Near To You' by A Fine Frenzy.


4. New Beginning to an Old Ending

6 months later...

6 months passed without Bo and Carter talking. Carter was pissed at Bo, but yet, also depressed she wasn't his anymore. And it was agonizing for him.

But for Bo, was it agonizing? Or was it killing her?

It was almost spring break at school, and Bo was so thankful to get out of that hell hole for a week. Bo had a job at Jamba Juice and worked 3 out of the 7 days of Spring Break, but she wasn't upset. Jamba Juice was busy and busy meant working and working meant remembering orders and remembering orders meant forgetting about Carter for a few hours. She loved work.

Bo never talked at her job to any of the very friendly employees, except for one, her best friend Abby. Abby and her had been best friends since kindergarten. Abby was always there for Bo and Bo was always there for Abby. Point blank period.

"Hey! Bo! Can you take this strawberry banana smoothie to table 6? She didn't hear me call her name," asked Abby of Bo.

Bo picked up the drink and took it to table 6.

"Oh, I must've not heard my name, I am so sorry!" said the woman, who looked strangely familiar to Bo. But she ignored it.

"It's no big deal, we're not too busy today! Don't worry about it!" said Bo painting a smile on her face.

"Do I know you?" asked the woman.

Bo then recognized her... it was Carter's older sister Ashton. Ashton lived out of state for college and had only met Bo 2 times.

"Bo!!! Now I remember you!! How are you and Carter? I'm on my way home right now but I was thirsty. What time do you get off? Do you want to come with me? We can both surprise Carter!"

That girl could talk.

"Um, actually, Ashton... me and Carter broke up 6 months ago," said Bo with tears welling up in her eyes.

"So that's how much I don't stay in touch with home... I'm sorry for the awkwardness. I gotta run. Maybe I'll see you again before I leave and we can talk," said Ashton picking up her stuff and walking out.

Bo decided to work the orders instead of making drinks to calm down a bit.

"Hello, I'd like a mango, strawberry, pineapple all fruit smoothie."

"Okay that'll b..." Bo suddenly got lost for words when she looked up and saw the tan, green eyed, flashy smile, tall brown eyed boy standing before her.

"Haha, $4.16?" added the cutie, flashing a cute smirk and smile at Bo.

"Yeah haha, I'm sorry for that. We don't see tan people around here very often," said Bo.

"I have a lake house so I'm down there in the sun a lot. I'm Brantley, by the way." added Brantley.

"Bo. Your drink will be ready any minute.." said Bo, looking shy.

"Thanks," said Brantley flashing another perfect smile in Bo's direction.

About 2 hours passed and it was closing time. Abby was still there and she walked up to Bo.

"Somebody wanted to "tip" you... he said 'give this to Bo for me'." and Abby handed her the 5 dollar bill.

Bo proceeded to open up the folded cash and it read:

Call me sometime :)

Followed by Brantley's number.

Bo smiled, folded it up, put it in her pocket, and left for home.

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