Slowly Falling, Barely Reaching

Bo is an artist. A poetry artist, to be exact. A girl who's muse, is the love of her life, Carter. She writes and writes about him. But things start to be different... what is Bo going to do? Nothing will ever make her heart stop loving Carter, but her mind tells her it's time to move on.

This is a short story, revolved around 'Near To You' by A Fine Frenzy.


7. Ending to the Beginning

3 months passed after her break down, and she still cried every night.

It had been 10 months since her and Carter spoke.

She still had Brantley. She really liked Brantley.

But was she ready?


From: Brantley <3(:

Meet me tonight at our spot :)


They had a special spot down at the beach where they always went every single date.

Bo hopped in the shower and decided to straighten her hair. She put on her make up the same as she did every day just a little slower.

She put on leggings, a anchor cardigan, white tank top and a brown belt on the outside with white canvas toms.

She was on her way to the spot.

As she walked down the sand, she noticed Brantley and a big picnic set up.

Dang, Brantley looked good... White v-neck Polo shirt, jeans, and Sperry's. Could it get any cuter?

"Bo, you look beautiful," said Brantley kissing her cheek.

"You don't look so bad yourself," said Bo.

They enjoyed the picnic for an hour and Bo thought everything was going well.

"Bo.. I have an important question." Brantley said grabbing Bo's hands.

There was a short silence.

"Bo, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked with a daring smile and a hopeful look in his eyes.

Bo couldn't help but cry.

"Brantley, I want to say yes so bad but I can't."

"I understand..." he said, and he looked hurt.

"No, no it's not you. You're wonderful. I like you a lot. It's just, I was in a relationship 10 months ago with the boy that... I gave everything to. It was a mistake, and I know 10 months is long enough to get over somebody, but, I'm struggling. It was a hard loss, even though I'm the one who broke up with him. Every time I come near you, I feel like I'm getting stronger and the line I have attached with Carter gets thinner. Every time. I just need you to stay with me,' is all that Bo said and got up and walked away.


Brantley's POV:

I never could tell how hurt she was... I didn't try to rush her.

I got up and walked to her.

She was crying and I could tell she really needed someone, and that someone was me.

"Bo, listen to me. I don't care how long I have to wait. You're hurt and you need time. YOU are the one I care about and the one I want. I will stay with you. I don't care how long it takes," is what I said.

I grabbed her into my arms and she cried a little harder.


Bo's POV:

He held me until I stopped crying. I was okay again. I'm not completely strong again, no. But he's helping me. I know I will be sad over Carter for a while.

"Thank you.." I said to Brantley.

He grabbed my hand, kissed me, and we just walked along the shore.

He looked at me one more time, dead in the eye, and said "I will stay with you. Always."


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