Slowly Falling, Barely Reaching

Bo is an artist. A poetry artist, to be exact. A girl who's muse, is the love of her life, Carter. She writes and writes about him. But things start to be different... what is Bo going to do? Nothing will ever make her heart stop loving Carter, but her mind tells her it's time to move on.

This is a short story, revolved around 'Near To You' by A Fine Frenzy.


1. Beginning of the Ending

 Bo's poetry is her way of expression. It's who she is. She never has problems with writer's block because of the one thing that always gives her something happy to write about, her boyfriend for 2 years, Carter. Bo and Carter are both 16 and madly in love. Bo has many pieces that she has shared at school events and functions for poetry, but some of them she keeps so personal. The ones about Carter.

"Distance is like a wind in a far open space

Love is like a heart full of speechless words

Trust is like words spoken with truth

And the road I have taken, led me to you.

Honesty is like begging for answers

Pain is like not knowing the story

Turning around is like giving up

And I won't do it, because distance, love, trust, and pain,

Is the honesty in our love and it drives me insane."


This is the last poem Bo wrote about Carter. She was planning on reading it at the summer showcase next Friday night. Just to surprise him.



"Yes, Bo?"
"How come things aren't the same."

"We're sixteen... what can you honestly expect from me?"

"Nothing. Nevermind.."


The night of July 29th, 2013. Bo made some tough decisions.

Bo went over to Carter's house and everything was normal again. They watched their favorite show to watch together which was Teen Wolf, and then decided to go back to Carters room to finish the show. The show had ended.

"Bo... I love you.." said Carter, moving in for a kiss.

"I love you too.. but what are you do-", Bo was cut off by Carter's quick hands up her shirt.

"Aren't you ready? It's been two years. Don't you know I won't hurt you?"

And that was it. Bo gave everything to Carter that night.

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