Skylar Wallace is in love with One Direction, especially Niall. She follows there every move. She even knows Harry and Niall like to make fake twitter accounts to talk to their fans. And she has her suspicions when a random boy named Leroy Conner direct messages her, saying he's a directioner as well.

Niall Horan an Harry Styles love talking to their fans, but the only way they can without it being on covers of magazines is to d o it in secret, so they make fake twitter accounts, changing them every few so directioners don't catch on. This week for Niall, its Leroy, from their upcoming music video, The Best Song Ever.


6. My Boyfriend Is Niall Horan

"I can't believe Niall Horan has a secret girlfriend!" Ronnie falls onto the bed in anger. "What?" I

say, walking out of my bathroom. "Yeah, it's all over the magazines," She flings one at me across

the room. It's on the cover. I haven't seen him since that night, how could the paps already know of

me? I sigh, contemplating on whether or not to tell Ronnie about us. I decide against it, maybe

when our relationship grows more. "That SLUT!" Ronnie screeches in frustration. "Hey!?" I say.

"She is not, maybe she just, really likes Niall." I defend myself. "No. She's just a fame hunter!"

Ronnie sighs. "Don't you like Zayn more anyways?" I ask quizzically. She nods. "But no-one steals

my Niall." ":Get out of here Ron." I shove her to the window, and she climbs out. "Niall's due here

any minute. I'm still dressed in my hooky day clothes, so I change my outfit quickly into something

mediocre cute. 




 I check myself in the mirror, as I hear a tap on my window. I rush to open it for Niall. "The paps

followed me, there here now!" He dives through my window. "Oh no!" I cry, leaning out the window 

to see black vans surrounding my house. "They know where I live!" I sigh, collapsing on my bed. "Is

there someone who could help us get out of here unnoticed?" Niall shrugs. "Ron!" I shout, jumping

up, "Ronnie could help us!" I say, clasping my hands together. "Who's Ronnie?" Niall says, looking

confused. "She's my best friend, and she lives right over there." I nod across the window. "Great!"

He says; "Let's go." I climb out the window, blocking Niall from sight. "Ronnie!" I knock on the

window. She instantly opens it. "Who's that?" She asks as I pull Niall in, face hidden by my body. I

shut the window. "Ronnie I have to tell you something." I sigh. She nods, trying to look around me

to see who's behind my back. "I have a boyfriend!" I screech. Jumping up and down, Niall still

behind me. "Is that him? Whats his name!?" Ronnie asks, still trying to go around me. "Niall." I say.

"Niall! Oh man I love that name. I mean, how lucky are you to find a guy with the same name as

Niall Horan?" Niall pops out from behind me. "Hey babe." He kisses me on the cheek, I feel my

cheeks getting warm. "Hey Ron." He says. "Y-Your dating, N-Niall freaking Horan!?" She squeals

in shock. "Are you a fan?: He asks, raising his eyebrow. "Y-Yeah. Major fan!" She's tongue-tied.

"Yeah, listen to me Ron, the pops saw Niall drive here, and we need to get out of here unseen." I

tell her, and she understands my urgency. "You can go out the back, my parents aren't home."

Ronnie says. "You don't know how much I love you Ronnie." I say, hugging her tight. "I'm not happy

with you for keeping it a secret, but, it is NIALL FREAKING HORAN!" She screams. Niall puts a

hand over her mouth and she stops, awestruck. Niall hugs her. She is frozen. "Hey, if you ever

want to hang, I'm sure Liam would love a girl like you." He's killing her. "Enough Niall." I say.

Slapping him. But Niall is very serious, he grabs a piece of paper from Ron's desk and scribbles

Liam's # on it. "Let's go," I say. I pull him downstairs and outside into the fresh, cool air. 



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