Skylar Wallace is in love with One Direction, especially Niall. She follows there every move. She even knows Harry and Niall like to make fake twitter accounts to talk to their fans. And she has her suspicions when a random boy named Leroy Conner direct messages her, saying he's a directioner as well.

Niall Horan an Harry Styles love talking to their fans, but the only way they can without it being on covers of magazines is to d o it in secret, so they make fake twitter accounts, changing them every few so directioners don't catch on. This week for Niall, its Leroy, from their upcoming music video, The Best Song Ever.


3. I'm not Niall, I'm Leroy

"I've got proof!" I say, holding the napkin in front of Ronnie. She gasps, reaching her fingers out to

touch it, but I instantly pull it away. "Eh, eh, eh. No touching." I say, replacing the napkin to its place

in its frame. She sighs in content. "I mean, Niall James Horan touch you, Skylar Reyne Wallace, he

signed something for you, he stole a piece of chicken from you!" I nods slowly. "Yeah, he did. Now,

you've been here for nearly 2 hours it's 1 am, you need to go." I usher her towards the window.

See, we have this system of getting into each others houses. We live right next door, so its pretty

simple. There is a tree between our to bedroom windows, and it has a long extending branch

that's sturdy enough to be walked on, so that's how we get to one another's houses. I usher her out

the window, she gives me a pouty face, but leaves anyways. I find some pajamas in my dresser,

the one direction ones, for the special occasion today.




 I go over to my computer and log on to twitter. I click on Louis Tomlinson, and find he posted the

most adorable picture of him and Eleanor in coca cola pajamas. I smile at how happy they look. I

wish I was Eleanor. I'm sure we'd be the best of friends if we ever met. Suddenly, the direct

message button has a blue orb on it. Direct Message! I bet its Ronnie, we always message on

here. But when I open it up, it says Leroy. Leroy? Do I know a Leroy? His message says, hey!.

Hey? This is weird



Niall P.O.V

I type to the girl, under Leroy. "Hi..." She types back, then seconds later; "Do I know you?" I shake my head, laughing, thinking of how she would be reacting if she knew it was really me. "So...Your a directioner?" I type back.


"Who's your favorite?"

"Niall. What about you?" I smile when she says this. I thought I wasn't anyone's favorite. 

"I like Niall too!" 

"Okay, can I ask you a question." She says

I laugh; "Sure." I type back.

"Which one are you? Niall or Harry." I gasp when I see her question. 

"Neither, I'm Leroy." I reply, trying not to blow my cover. 

"You know what?" She types back.

I know it is probably a bad idea to keep talking to her, but I am oddly attracted that she figured out it was me.

"What?" I type back.

"Do your really think that I wouldn't know Leroy was from your new video, and that you and Harry make fake twitter accounts?"

I am surprised at her forwardness. 

"Okay." I type back."But don't tell anyone its me.

"Whats stopping me?" She asks. She's manipulating me. 

"Nothing really."

"Okay, I've figured it out, you're Niall."

"How'd you know?" I type to her. She's already figured most of it out.

"Remember me?" She types. I'm puzzled, remember her from were?

"I was that girl at Nando's." She types after a few moments of silence. 

The fan I signed a napkin for?

I laugh.

"Yeah, I remember you."

I remember how cute she was. It troubled me not to turn around and give her my number right at Nando's, but I couldn't, because she might've given it to the entire world, but now I know, this is a sign.

"You do? I didn't think a pop star like you'd remember a little fan." She has a weird sense of humour. 

"My turn to ask you a question." I type really fast, without thinking.

"Yeah..?" She types back almost instantly

"Would you go on a date with me?"

I can't believe I just typed that. I am breathing heavily, waiting for her reply. 

"Prove it."

"Prove what?"

"Prove you're Niall Horan, I don't believe you."

This girl, I swear.

"You believed me two seconds ago!" I say.

"Yeah, but, if you were real, you wouldn't be asking me on a date."

She replies. Why is she so doubtful. 

"Fine, how about... I give you my skype." I offer

She is quiet for a few moments. "Skype?" She says


"Uhmm, okay, mines Sky&Rain01"

"Okay, I'll Skype you in 5, be ready." I log off of twitter, feeling good about myself



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