Skylar Wallace is in love with One Direction, especially Niall. She follows there every move. She even knows Harry and Niall like to make fake twitter accounts to talk to their fans. And she has her suspicions when a random boy named Leroy Conner direct messages her, saying he's a directioner as well.

Niall Horan an Harry Styles love talking to their fans, but the only way they can without it being on covers of magazines is to d o it in secret, so they make fake twitter accounts, changing them every few so directioners don't catch on. This week for Niall, its Leroy, from their upcoming music video, The Best Song Ever.


1. Fake

"ugh, there is so many fakes on twitter." Complains my best friend Ronan "Ronnie" Swift.  "Then, why do you follow them?" I laugh, patting her on the back. "Cause they know stuff!" She defends. "More than the actual band does, I don't think so." I laugh. "Shut up!" She says, scrolling through a person named  @LouisLou "I'll never understand your sick upsession. I fall onto my full sized bed, and pick up my book for English, putting it down again. "I hate Ms. Colback, I mean, who even reads... The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer?" I sigh in frustration. "I finished it." Ronnie days, her eyes never leaving the computer. "Ugh, I still have like, the whole book to go through." I groan, throwing the book across my room, it hits the mirror on my wall and clatters to the floor. Ronnie gasps and sprints across the room. "You practically murdered historical american literature right here, you know that, right!" She hugs the book. "You're a geek." I joke. "You doggy eared it too!" She looks at me, disgusted.  I roll my eyes. She replaces the book on my near-empty bookcase. Then takes her seat at the computer. "I swear, you salvage on my computer. You live on it. I mean, you're on it more than I am." I say, rambling. "And you say it doesn't pay off." Ronnie says. "Uh, I don't think it does." I say. "Oh really!? Look at this!" She says, I rush over to the computer and stand next to her. "Niall Horan admits to creating fake twitter accounts to talk to fans!" I gasp. "Does he really?" I ask, skeptical. She nods; "Harry too." Wow, that's really cool. They could talk to fans and they girls wouldn't even know they were talking to their idol. What if he messaged me. No, its one chance in a million. I shake the thought off. Ronnie looks to me with a sly grin on her face. "What? Ron, what?" I ask. It turns to excitement. "Louis freakin' Tomlinson followed me!" I stand up, awestruck. "Wait, one of your fakies, or the-the real one and only?" I asked, cautiously. Her eyes are glowing. "The real freakin' Louis Tomlinson." She says, then I spot the blue little verifaction mark, and my heart skips a beat.

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