Skylar Wallace is in love with One Direction, especially Niall. She follows there every move. She even knows Harry and Niall like to make fake twitter accounts to talk to their fans. And she has her suspicions when a random boy named Leroy Conner direct messages her, saying he's a directioner as well.

Niall Horan an Harry Styles love talking to their fans, but the only way they can without it being on covers of magazines is to d o it in secret, so they make fake twitter accounts, changing them every few so directioners don't catch on. This week for Niall, its Leroy, from their upcoming music video, The Best Song Ever.


5. Date

"I have a great first date idea." A voice says when I pick up my phone. That accent is killing me. "How'd you get my number?" I ask. "Never mind that, babe." I hold back a sigh when he calls me that. It doesn't mean anything in the U.K, but here, it's basically claiming a girl as yours. "Dress nice, dear." He adds. "Fancy, or casual?" I say, looking through the racks in my closet. Casual. I have a bit of a surprise for you." Niall says. "Ooh, I love surprises." I giggle. I never giggle. Face Palm.  I here him laugh. "Okay, well I'll see you in 30." "See you in 30." The phone goes dead. After searching for 10 minutes, I find a nice, comfy casual outift.....

I wait anxiously at the front door for him. After waiting for a few minutes inside, I go to my pickup truck and sit in the back, staring up at the stars. I pick out the constellations my father taught me when I was younger, I see the little dipper, which points me right to the North Star. I stare  at it, until I begin to drift off. I wake up to a hand, brushing the hair off of my face. I open my eyes to see Niall's gorgeous face over mine. "You okay?" He asks. I sit up, an instant blush on my face. "I-I didn't mean t-to-" He laughs. "Darling, this is the best way I've met a girl yet." I sit up; "Well technically, we met at Nando's, remember, you stole my chicken?" He laughs, and it seems like that all he does. Or maybe I'm just really that funny. "Let's go," He says, taking my hand. I stand and follow to his... Range Rover? I get in the front seat next to him. I really didn't expect him to be the kind of guy to get a big car, he looks more like a Mercedes kind of dude. I smile as he closes the door. "Your a gentleman." I say, laughing. He starts the engine and then drives away. "So, Mr.Horan, were are we going?" I ask, but he shakes his head. "I can't tell you, or else it won't be a surprise. "But it's nowhere fancy, just a little place I like." I know its a big move, but I lay my head down on his shoulder. I felt him relax a little. I close my eyes again. When I wake, Niall is gone. I get out of the car, my dark brown, wavy hair, whipping in the wind. "Niall? Niall!" I scream. Suddenly, hands wrap around my waist. "Your hair smells like strawberries." I says. I turn around. "Where are we?" I ask, looking at my surroundings, we're in the middle of a field. "Close your eyes." He orders. I shut my eye fast. He takes his hand in mine and pulls me along an unseen path, it twists and curves so I don't know which way we're headed. "Open." I open my eyes gratefully to see the most beautiful thing ever. A picnic is set out, with a checkered blanket and candles, and Nando's! I hug him tight. "It's beautiful!" I'm almost in tears, no-one has ever done anything so nice. I walk over to the  picnic, staring at it in wonder


I sit next to him, our thighs touching, my head on his shoulder like in the car. "This, was an amazing night." I say to him, staring at the stars. He looks at me, with bright eyes. "It's not over yet." I laugh. And we sit like that until I feel my eyes droop. "I think I should go home." I say. I stand up, brushing my jeans off. "Let me help you clean up the picnic first." I decide, picking up trash. "Whats wrong?" Niall asks, confused. "Nothing, I-I'm just tired." I lie. I've actually never been on a real date before, and I still can't believe my first is with Niall Horan. I think my body is going into shock. After I pick up the trash, I start walking to the car, when Niall grabs my wrist, turning me around. He kisses me on the lips, and I melt into him. His kiss is addicting. I couldn't stop, even if I wanted to. "Wow." I gasp, when its over. "I-I like you Skylar Reyne, I mean, I more than like you." He stutters. I laugh and put my hand on his cheek, him blushing is just adorable, and to know I'm the one doing that to him, makes my heart beat fast. "Will you go out with me?" He asks. I feel like he's proposing to me, I have so many emotions beating through me I can barely control all of them. I start to cry, then I kiss him hard "Yes, o-of course.." I hug him. "Thank you." He mumbles through my hair.

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