~ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS~ Alyssa doesnt have much friends. Her only friends are Louis and Niall. What happens when Niall has feelings for Alyssa? But Alyssa has a new boyfriend, bad boy Zayn Malik. Will she see the bad in Zayn?


1. Sleepover!




I was so excited. Louis and Niall were coming over! I heard the doorbell ring. "come in!" I yelled. "Hello Alyssa." Niall yelled. "Hi Niall, Hi Louis." I said. Niall and Louis plopped themselves on the couch. "whose turn is it to pick what we watch?" I asked. Niall lookes on a mental piece of paper. "It looks like its mine!" He said excitedly. Me and Louis look at each other with scared lookes. Louis mouthes "oh no" Niall takes the remote. He looks at his list of recordings. "Look away!" He said. Me and Louis go get snacks. When we come back, me and Louis look at each other again. Crap. "sugar. spice. and everything nice." the tv says. "crap not again." Louis exclaims. "Your making us watch this again Niall?" "Yeppers." Niall says excitedly. "Now lets watch it!" We all sit down. After 15 minutes of Powerpuff girls, a commercial comes. "I need to pee" I said. "TMI!!" Louis says sarcastically.

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