~ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS~ Alyssa doesnt have much friends. Her only friends are Louis and Niall. What happens when Niall has feelings for Alyssa? But Alyssa has a new boyfriend, bad boy Zayn Malik. Will she see the bad in Zayn?


2. ~5 Days Later~

(Alyssas POV) 



Today school started. Me, Louis, and Niall had all the same classes together. Our first class was History. I sat down in the back of the room with Niall and Louis. I sat down next to this guy. "Hi" I said. "Vas Happenen" He said quietly. "Im Zayn" He said. "Im Alyssa" I said. Then class started. After class, I went to my locker. Niall came up to me. "Hi Alyssa, tonight can me and Lou spend the night?" I asked. "Sure why not" I agreed. "Yay! Ill go tell Louis" He rushed off to Louis. I got my books for my next class. As I was walking, Zayn came up to me. "Hey, Alyssa, do you want to go for dinner tomorrow night?" He asked. "Sure" I said. "Ill pick you up at 6" He said. "ok" I replied. I rushed off to catch up with Lou and Niall. "Hey Alyssa, cant wait for the sleepover!" Louis said excitedly.


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