Love in the Games

23rd Annual Hunger Games. That was the first games. That was the first games with a love story...


2. Training

I said nothing up to this point. To anyone. Nothing was worth saying, what was there to say? I am regretting the interview though, that is not going to be fun. I listened to the instructor with no interest to learn these skills that I will not need, if I need them, that for the maximum time of a few days.
"Do not attack any of the tributes, believe me there will be enough time for that in the arena." What is the arena going to be? I reckon that it's going to be snow or a lot of water.


Everyone ran off to the weaponry, I wanted to stay clear from people with weapons. It will just make me feel weak. I went to the fire starting activity. It seem pretty basic, should be easy to grasp. I wasn't the only one not attending the 'splendour' of strength. But it was strange, the person that was from District 2. Why wasn't he with them? District 1 and 2 eighteen-year-olds are trained from birth, to enter the games. To them, it is just a games, a competition maybe. But why wasn't he showing off like the others? He is one of them, the lapdogs of the Capitol.


He looked at me, but his expression didn't change. Maybe because he knew I'd be a corpse in a few days so there's no point as acting like I'm at all alive. I shook it off and continued with the fire starting.
"Hello," he said. I turned to him, confused as to why he spoke to me. He was like royalty in comparison to me, me being a peasant. I nodded at him and looked back to the logs, not burning.
"Any good at this?" he asked, trying to start a conversation. I shook my head, not even bothering to look at him. He laughed lightly. Is it funny I can't or something?
"I know nothing about anything to be honest," he said, mocking himself. If that's true, then I have one less person to worry about killing me.


The whistle for today's training blew. Now to sleep. Hopefully anyway. Nightmares...

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