Love in the Games

23rd Annual Hunger Games. That was the first games. That was the first games with a love story...


1. The Reaping

Silence. Nothing but it. We all stood as one today. Poor or rich. Fit or unhealthy. All our hearts beat as one. Every breath we take together could be our last of safety this year. But for some, like myself, this is our last Reaping, and we are glad for that. I don't even bother to listen, I just look at the floor. Waiting for everyone to look at that person who will go against the odds and not be able to talk their way out of it. No money could help anyone now. There was even more silence, someone must of been chosen. I look to see the damned soul. But then, I crashed. Everyone was looking at me. I had been picked from the bowl. I was the one girl from district 11 to die this year...

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