Wouldn't Be Here Without Them

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  • Published: 23 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 9 Sep 2013
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Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry couldn't be here without their fans, Directioners. They have wanted to do something BIG for a very long time now, but management wouldn't allow anything. The boys had come up with something extraordinary to do for the fans. They knew that management wouldn't be happy about this, and it might just cost them their entire job, but the boys was going to go through with it.


7. Not Caring

                                                      Liam's P.O.V

After finishing my daily morning walk I slipped into my cozy bed. I had been away for at least 2 hours now. I'm glad I stopped at a small coffee shop on the way. Which had probably taken up at least an hour. For some reason, I didn't feel the best today. I just wanted to lay in bed all day, and even before my walk I didn't want to get up. Normally I love waking up to that, but I guess not today. Maybe it was just the lack of sleep that I got last night, since Marissa went in circles inside my brain. Never letting me have a small break. I knew that I was probably overreacted about this. I couldn't possibly have a crush on her. She was just a loving, beautiful, awesome, sweet. I didn't feel like continuing. I already knew what she was, and all I needed her to be right now, was to be mine. I heard my phone ring and I picked it up. Marissa.


"Hey," I greeted.


"Hey. Sorry I called, I just would like to know if you could possible help me out with this problem."


"Sure. What would that be?" I asked her. I loved her voice. Stop!

"Well, its a complicated math equation of why you wouldn't leave my mind last night."


I froze.


"That's easy," I didn't rethink what I was saying," You love me, and I love you."


"Oh really now?" She giggled. What did I just say?


"Yeah," I went along with it.


"Well gotta go," She said.


"No wait! I wanted to know if you would like to go on a date tonight?" I blurted it out before she had the chance to hang up on me.


"Oh yeah sure." I can just imagine her smile right now and how beautiful it fits on her. Stop! Wait no keep going.


After I got ready I texted her once I got into my car, letting her know that I was on her way. Well, not exactly. I called her again for directions before I left my driveway. I headed towards her house which was actually very close to mine. I knocked on her door.


"Got it mom!" She yelled on the other side of the door before revealing herself.


I was shocked at her appearance. I stood there motionless for quite some time before realizing this wasn't a dream. I opened the door to my car for her to get into the passengers seat. I got into the seat next to hers.


"You look absolutely stunning," I gave her a compliment.


"Thanks! You don't look to bad yourself."


We drove off to the fancy restaurant, and once we got there we got seated fast. We talked for quite some time before our meals had gotten to us. I didn't mind our food being a little behind. In fact it was the first time I didn't care. Okay, maybe that's a lie. I don't ever care. We went on about random things, and her smile stayed on her face the entire time. Making me smile right back at her. Her smile was what got me, actually I think it was everything about her.


"This is so unbelievable!" She exclaimed.


"You mean the part because it's with me?" I asked her.


I looked out the window, and got flashed by a camera. Crap! They found me!


"Their here aren't they?" She asked knowing already my expressions.


"Yeah," I said pointing at them.


"What do you need me to do? I don't want you getting in any trouble because of me. I can pretend to be some fan asking for a signature or something. Anything is okay with me," She told me. I was shocked. I had never heard a girl say that, or even care that much about me getting in HUGE trouble. But I defiantly didn't want it to be like that, and I didn't want them to ruin our first date. I didn't want her to be some weird fan asking me for stuff. I wanted her to be mine, rather they liked it or not.


I quickly let my brain explode with thoughts of her. I leaned in quickly to kiss her, and she didn't pull away. I kissed her, and I could see flashes of camera's everywhere. I knew Management wouldn't like this, but it was my life anyways. I pulled away just a smidge so I could whisper only to her.


"I'm sorry if that made you un-comfortable. I really just needed to."


"It's fine Liam. I trust you, and I love you. So it actually was awesome." I smiled. She smiled. We then filled the gap between us once again and kissed. I could have stayed like that forever. I really was loving her.

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