Wouldn't Be Here Without Them

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  • Published: 23 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 9 Sep 2013
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Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry couldn't be here without their fans, Directioners. They have wanted to do something BIG for a very long time now, but management wouldn't allow anything. The boys had come up with something extraordinary to do for the fans. They knew that management wouldn't be happy about this, and it might just cost them their entire job, but the boys was going to go through with it.


6. Dreams Of Akwardness

                                                            Niall's P.O.V

I woke up in the strangest place, and it had been in my dream. Sedona's house. I walked around awkwardly through the familiar place. It was exactly the way it was in my dream. What happened last night? I smelled bacon and rushed into the kitchen. Sedona stood there, a little bit older at this point.


"Sedona?" I asked her as I sneaked my arm around her waist. I looked over her should to see the delicious bacon.


"Hey husband of mine. I decided to cook you some breakfast. As you can see," She told me. Wait husband? I went along with it anyway.


"Awh how sweet of you. Do you want me to finish up here," I asked her.


"Well your too late now. It's already done," She laughed as she slid the last piece of bacon on the plate. The toaster popped. I went over to it, pulling the toast out and tossing it on the plate beside it with two other piece on it. Already had jelly on them. I smeared the two newer toast and sat them on the plate.


"Thank you babe," I smiled as I kissed her cheek taking the plate to the table. She brought the bacon in and another plate for herself. We both dug in with silence.


After a few hours we were on the couch cuddling, like a normal couple would.


"I love you a lot Sedona," I let it out. Wait I loved her? I thought that I had just liked her. I didn't mean for that to come out. This couldn't be right could it? I mean all I can remember is falling asleep and thinking about her. Was it a dream?


"I love you too Niall," She replied. We kissed for nearly 5 minutes until I couldn't handle things. I pushed myself away and ran out of her front door. This can't be happening. I have to stop myself from falling for her even more, because I don't even know if she likes me like that. This is just a freaking dream! What am I thinking? I kept running, to wherever dream places I thought of.


I woke up. Yeah of course it was just a dream. Why do I always do this to myself. Geez Niall, don't you EVER learn? I got up from my bed and walked around in my flat thinking. I paced around the house, not knowing what I should do about my consist thinking about her. I defiantly couldn't speak to her, because that would just make me fall for her more. Stop! I had dreamed about this too. Me pacing around about something, in these very same clothes. I just hadn't know what it was about. It had been a few months ago, but why was it coming true now? I remembered my dreams from earlier, I tried anyways. I could only remember one and it was me waking up in a weird house, but I woke up after it. It was Sedona's house wasn't it? My mind had been focused on finding my princess that night, and I popped up there in my dream. She had to be my princess then right? I defiantly needed to talk to her now, but it was 1 in the morning. She wouldn't even answer me. Would she ever? I laid back down, and tried falling asleep. The last time I looked at the clock before falling back asleep, it was 3:42.


I woke up again at 1 in the afternoon. What is up with me waking up all the time? I walked into my kitchen and grabbed me a cereal bar, to lazy to cook. I chucked my phone on the table and stared at it for quite a while, just thinking. I knew that it was just a stupid phone call with a girl who wouldn't even like me, but if I told her I had feelings for her she would hate me. I dialed her number.


"Sedona?" I nervously spoke into the phone.


"Niall! Why  did I dream about us," She stopped.


"I didn't mean to say that," She added.


"No don't worry I did too."


"Were we at my house and I made you bacon and toast and then you ran out?" She replayed my dream.


"Yea," I awkwardly stretched out.


"Awkward. Do you want to hang out though?" I asked her.


"Yeah. Sure want to come over here?" She asked.


"Sure," I replied. I knew where this would go.

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