One Direction Drama

They think dating one direction would be easy but they're extremely wrong


8. Part 8

Louis's POV
Its been 2 months since I started dating Alyson and tonight Liam is supposed to bring Jessica over to meet us. 
I leaned in to kiss Alyson when the condo's door was thrown open. "What's the Matter?" Zayn asked coming in from the deck with Alex. Liam trudged into the living room and sat in one of the red seats. He was crying horribly. Niall and Jasmine stopped eating the Pringles Niall was holding and looked at Liam, Harry and Molly looked up from the stove. 
"What happen, mate?" Niall asked. 
"I lied to Jessica, I wore a black wig and green contacts and told her my name was Kyle! She found out today that I was Liam Payne!" He put his head in his hands and bawled. Alex, Alyson, Jasmine, and Molly swarmed Liam and started hugging him and telling him "it's okay" or "she'll come back to you."
I stood up and walked over to the huddle of boys, "Did our girls just leave us?" 
"We need to fix this." Harry stated. "Really, babe, what gave you that clue? 1 of our best friends bawling his eyes out?" I asked. "Don't sass me!" Harry frowned. "Awww I'm sorry!!" I hugged him and kissed his cheek. He smiled. 
"I doubt she'll talk to us. You think she will talk to the girls?" Zayn asked. "most likely." Niall slightly smiled. "Let's ask the girls to go talk to her." Harry nodded. 
"Okay!" We all said. 
Alyson's POV
Louis's pulled his car into Jessica's drive way, "Okays, pets, good luck, text me if you want me to come get you girls." Alex, Jasmine, and Molly got out leaving me and Louis in the car. 
"Louis-" he cut me off. 
"Aly, I love you." 
"I love you too, Lou." I kissed him. We continued to kiss until Molly knocked on the passenger's window. 
We broke the kiss and I got out. I waved as Louis drove away. We all walked up to Jessica's front door. Molly knocked on the door. 
"Who is it?" A voice asked on the other side. "Molly, Alex, Alyson, and Jasmine." Molly yelled. I heard mumbling then a girl with long brown/blackish hair, brown eyes, short, in zebra PJ pants, a black tank top, and her hair was down and in waves. 
"Hi!" I waved. 
"Not to be rude but who are y'all?" She asked.
"I'm Alex." Alex smiled her perky smile. "I'm Jasmine!!" Jasmine giggled. "I'm Molly!" grinned Molly. "I'm Alyson, but you can call me Aly!" I stuck my hand out for her to shake. She shook my hand. 
"How did y'all know where I live?" She asked moving aside to let us in. We all walked in. "Liam told us." Alex breathed. Jessica stopped in mid step, "L..Liam.. Who?" 
"Listen, Liam is really sorry all that happen. He wanted you to like him as him not Liam Payne a big British singer!" I sighed sitting beside Jessica on her couch. 
"He really loves you." Alex put in. 
"He's all depressed!" Jasmine modded. "Even turtles won't cheer him up!!" added Molly. 

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