One Direction Drama

They think dating one direction would be easy but they're extremely wrong


4. Part 4

Niall's POV
I walked into the shopping center with Harry and we walked around grabbing food for the house. I was looking At the frozen pizza's when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw her. 
I remember her from one of the concerts she met me and gave me a Horan hug. 
"Hi, Jasmine!!" I smiled giving her a Horan hug. "You remember me?" She giggled hugging me back. I pulled out of her arms, "Yes, how could I forget a beautiful face like yours?" 
She blushed. So beautiful. 
She tucked a loose strand of her long blonde hair behind her ear and her hazel eyes stared into mine. 
"So, Jasmine, I'm available tonight you wanna eat somewhere?" 
"Yes anywhere. I have to fair warn you. I eat alot." 
"My kind of girl!" 

Jasmine's POV
Niall remembered me. He actually remembered me!!! And he asked me out. After he asked me out I gave him my phone number and address. 
He gave me another hug and a quick peck on the cheek and went to find Harry. I bought was I supposed to buy and want home. 
I threw the stuff on the counter yelled, "HOME!!" to my mom and ran up to my room. 
I went through my dresses until I found a short pink sparkly dress with pink high heels. I quickly curled my hair, adjusted my make up, and put the dress on completing the outfit with a simple diamond necklace and silver diamond hoops. 
"I GOT IT!" I yelled running down stairs to the door. I opened it and saw Niall in black pants, black hightops, a white button up collared shirt, a black tie, and he was holding a simple red rose. 
His mouth dropped when he saw me, "Wow." 
"That's bad?" I asked. 
"No, you look absolutely beautiful." He grinned handing you the rose. I blushed. "Ready?" He asked. I nodded. "MOM, THERE'S A ROSE ON THE KEY COUNTER IM GOING OUT PUT THE ROSE IN A VASE I LOVE YOU!!" I yelled to my mom. "I LOVE YOU TOO!!" She yelled back. 
Niall looped his arm through mine and walked me to the limo. I smiled as he opened the door for me. I slid in and he got in beside me. He held my hand and I intertwined my fingers with his as the driver drove to the restaurant.

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