One Direction Drama

They think dating one direction would be easy but they're extremely wrong


3. Part 3

Jessica's POV
I walked into the music store and waved at my boss as he left. I walked behind the counter and put my name tag on. 
I smiled at people as they walked in. 
Ugh I hate this summer job, I thought. 
I closed my eyes then heard the beginning of What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. I opened my eyes, squealed, and turned the volume up. 
I started dancing and singing to the song. "You like one direction?" A British voice asked. I stopped dancing and singing and turned around. 
A guy in a red plaid shirt, white skinny jeans, and red high top shoes with black hair and green eyes stood there. 
"Yeah I really do." I blushed. 
"I'm Kyle, and you are?" The guy stuck his hand out. "Jessica." we shook hands. 
We talked for a little bit and then it was the end of my shift. "You wanna have lunch?" Kyle asked. 
"Sure!" I smiled. I put my name tag under the counter and followed him to the food court. He paid for our pizza and we sat down and started talking. He was so sweet and polite. And not bad looking. 

Liam's POV 
Jessica. she was so pretty. Yes I lied to her. I had a wig on and contacts in my eyes so I could have a normal teenage afternoon. 
I hated lying but I wanted her to like me for me. After a long date and walking around the Mall we walked outside. 
"Do you need a ride?" I asked her. "No I can walk." She insisted. 
"Nope, I'm taking you home come along." I grabbed her hand and pulled her to my car. 
I opened the passenger's door for her. She got in and I got in the driver's seat. She gave me directions to get to her house and before she got out of the car I gave her my phone number and a quick kiss.

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