One Direction Drama

They think dating one direction would be easy but they're extremely wrong


12. Part 12

Jessica's POV

I rubbed Jasmine's back as she cried, "Why would he do this to me?!" I hugged her tight and shushed her, "Jas, maybe there's a logical explanation for the phone call. Maybe she's a jealous ex."

"Jessica, Jasmine?"

Crap. It's Niall. Jasmine buried herself into me and covered her entire body with the orange blanket. Niall walked into my living room in sweat pants and a plain white shirt and a blue SnapBack with blue supras.

"Can me and Jas have a few minutes alone?" He asked. I nodded and stood up, "I'm gonna go to bed, Jasmine, night y'all. Love you."

I climbed up the stairs, laid on my bed, and passed out.

Niall's POV

I sat on the sofa next to Jessica who was bundled up in a blanket in a ball. I pulled the blanket off her and saw my beautiful girlfriend.

Well yeah she's my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure. She never actually broke up with me she just kinda left. The next thing I knew Jasmine ran to the washroom and threw up in the toilet. I followed her and held her hair back as she threw up.

After she threw up for a few minutes she looked at the ground and cursed silently, "I haven't been honest with you."

I raised my eyebrow, "About?"

"I've been having morning sickness since the week after we y'know.."

"Made love?"


Morning sickness is caused by pregnancy, isn't it?

I opened my mouth slowly then closed it.

"Niall... I'm pregnant."

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