One Direction Drama

They think dating one direction would be easy but they're extremely wrong


1. Part 1

Zayn's POV
 took a drink of my water and turned my hat backwards before the concert. "Yo, Zayn, you ready?" Harry asked putting his arm on my shoulders. "I'm always ready, mate." I smiled.
"Let's go, guys!" Lou yelled. Harry removed his arm and walked over to the other guys. Paul handed us our mics and we walked on stage. 
Screaming just exploded from every angle of the expo center. "Good evening, Everyone!" Liam said into the mic. After he babbled for awhile we started singing. 
I was singing my soul in What Makes You Beautiful when my eyes landed on the most beautifulest creation that was ever made. She was on the very first row. She had straight brown hair that was past her shoulder, brown eyes, she was a little short, she was wearing short blue jeans, and a black shirt with my face on it that said "Zayn be mine!"
Oh, I will! I thought. 
I started staring at her thro the rest of the concert. She was beautiful. I had to know her name. 

Alex's POV
Im Alex. Im in love with Zayn Malik and currently I am at the one direction concert, front row, clear view of my boy. 
Through Zayn's (the most wonderful bout in this world) soul he started starting At me. I felt myself blush. Through the rest of the concert he stayed right there and was staring at me. After the concert I winked At him and walked toward the exit. 
I was almost there when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Zayn his amazing black hat turned backwards. I guess he noticed me starting at it because he took it off and put it on me head. 
I almost fainted. 
"I like your shirt." He smiled. His smile. Omg so breath taking. "Thank you," I managed to say "I like you." 
Oh you idiot! Why'd you say that?!?! I thought.
He laughed, "Thanks, here." He handed my a slip of paper. I looked down at it. It had his phone number and an address on it. 
"What's this?" I asked. 
"My Cell number and the address of the hotel me and the boys are staying at the month." 
"What do you want me to do with it?" 
"Come there and we can hang out." 
"Oh," I giggled "okay."
He smiled, "Cute. Just like you." 
I blushed, "Thank you." 
"You're more than welcome." he gave me a small peck on the lips. "I have to go the boys are probably waiting for me." 
"Okay, bye." 
"Text me!" and he walked off. 
I squealed and walked to my mom's car.

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