The Styles Twins

Marcel and Harry Styles were twin brothers. Marcel was the nerdy one while Harry was the more popular one. Even though Marcel was not as popular as Harry, Harry never let that get in between them. Harry always stood up for Marcel. But what happens when the new girl comes between them?



  Hey my little fuckers! I'm SO SORRY I didn't update in like MONTHS! I swear I will make it up to you! I really don't know where this story is going:/ So at the end of the chapter there will be a note and be sure to read it! ITS IMPORTANT! Okay here's Chapter 3!

****Marcel's P.O.V.****
  Harry was flirting with Callie but when he looked at me he probably saw me getting mad and he left. He's a good brother! So I started to talk to Callie again.
  "So Callie, what class do you have now?" 
"Um..I have Math"
"No way! I also have math!"
"Cool! So shall we go, don't wanna be late on my first day."
 We walked to our class but then I remembered Jace was in that class. Oh great. When we walked in Jace saw us and rolled his eyes. 
 "Oh look it's nerd boy and new girl"
"Oh just shut the fuck up. You're no better than any other person in this room" Callie stood up to him. Nobody every really stands up to Jace except for like the boys, Harry, and Mia. Everybody else is too scared, including me.
 " girl had an attitude" He said smugly and smirked, "You on your period? Ha" 
"Hmm, why don't you get a gender change then we can talk about periods, why don't I go too so you can suck my big, fuckin', ass dick!" She responded.
"Ooooooo!" The whole class yelled. Jace looked like he didn't have a comeback.
"Hmph. Whatever new girl" 
"Ha, first time that dick never had a comeback" I whispered to Callie but I guess he heard because he gave me a death glare. Then the teacher came in and the lesson started.

 Finally it was 5th period, lunch! I told Callie she could sit with us. We made out way to the cafeteria and found my brother and his friends. 
 "Hey guys, this is Callie, she just moved from Australia" I introduced her.
"No way! You're an Aussie!" Niall said.
"Cool! I love Aussie accents! I'm Irish, moved from Mullingar a while ago. By the way I'm Niall"
"Nice to meet you Niall, Irish accents and British accents are amazing too!" Callie said being all happy. Them the rest of the boys introduced themselves.
 "I'm Louis, I'm from Doncaster but moved to Holmes Chapel"
"I'm Zayn, I moved from Bradford"
"Hello, I'm Liam! I was from Wolverhampton"
"And finally I'm Harry but you met me already. I'm Marcel's twin brother surprisingly" 
"Hey, what do you mean surprisingly?!" I said
"Haha I'm just kidding bro" He said and gave me a light punch.
"Well nice to meet you all!" 
 Then Mia came, she is a very nice girl but sometimes she can be annoying but she's grown on me.
 "Hey guys what's go-Who's she?" She cut herself off.
"Hi my name's Callie, I just moved from Australia" Callie introduced herself with a big smile. 
"Hi I'm Mia, Harry's girlfriend" 
"Nice to meet you" Callie responded nicely then went back to me.
 "Hey, thanks for sticking up for me today" I smiled at her.
"No problem, does he always treat you like this?" 
 "He pretty much does that to everyone in the school, but everyone knows not to mess with me because Harry is very intimidating" 
 "Haha..I agree though, but it's sweet of him to stick up for you" 
 "Yup. He's the best brother you can ask for!" 
 "You guy are so cute!" She said giggling. "Now I have go go to class see you later Marcel," she said while winking at me, "and nice meeting you guys!" 
Wait...did she wink at me? Wow Marcel nice job! I smiled proudly and made my way to my next class saying bye to the guys. Through out the whole day all I could think about was Callie.

 Okay guys I'm gonna need a Co-Author! I never have time to update and I don't even know where this story is gonna go! I literally write what's in my mind! If you think you can handle it tell me in the comments! If you have a movella fanfiction tell me in the comments your best story so I can read it and maybe I will recommend you:) With you we can make this Movella amazing! Love you fuckers<3 
 -J xoxo





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