Stuck in the Books

Piper Addison Valentine is the epitome of a golden child. At the age of 15 she graduated high school, and was planning on a teaching degree. A secondary school offered her a job to get the funds for tuition. Now four years later she is understudying from her old teacher, and a private teacher. But what happens when the biggest boy band needs to freshen up on their studies?


2. Sometimes Being the Smartest Pays Off (Liam's POV)

"Give me my mirror back!" I heard someone yell in the bus. God can I sleep for one time while with the boys.

"Your hair looks fine Zayn, STOP BEING A BABY!" Another voice rang out. These boys are sometimes so childish. Oh should I explain. My name is Liam James Payne and I am 19 years old. I have a lot of flats and homes around the world, but I am originally from Wolverhampton. I was a normal teenager till I auditioned for The X Factor. Oh and those childish boys I was talking about came along with me on the journey. Five boys including myself were put into a boy band called One Direction to compete for a record contract. We took third place, meaning we lost. But our mentor Simon Cowell, who has a record label himself signed us. Now three years later, we are one of the biggest artist of this generation. In the group I'm listed as the smart one.

Anyway after trying to fall asleep again, but failing I got up. I crawled out of the tiny bunk I called my bed for a good 6 months. I stretched my aching limbs, and yawned very loud.

"Hey Li your up! How'd you sleep?" A little Irish leprechaun asked. His name is Niall. We're really close, but all of the boys are best friends. Niall is known for eating... a lot.

 "Not really, but I'll be ok." I responded. He smiled and went to the kitchen. Paul, our body guard had Harry and Zayn by the back of their arms.

"Harry say sorry to Zayn," Paul said trying to make some peace.

"Sorry mate," Harry mumbled. The curls tell it all. Harry is known as the flirt, always on the look out.

"I forgive you," Zayn said. He's more of the quiet one, but he can always crack a good joke. But a lot of the fan from the X Factor call him vain. Ha rhymes. The boys finally hug it out, then the notorious Louis came walking in. Fans have always associated him with carrots. He is always the crazy one of the group, and not ashamed of it.

"Hey group meeting with Simon. Now!" Louis commanded. We all rushed to the back of the bus. Niall was already there eating stack of pancake, and was watching a cartoon. I grabbed the remote and turned to the skpe channel.

"Hey I was watching that!" Niall said very hurt.

"Meeting, sorry." I said. Simon then jumped on the screen.

"Hello boys," Simon greeted.

"Hey Simon," We all said in unison.

"What's this meeting about?" Harry asked.

"Well, seeing you guys are in the end of tour management and I have talked about getting you guys back into you studies."

"You mean back to school?" Louis questioned.

"Yes Lou, back to school all of you except Liam."

"What! Why not Liam?" Niall asked furious.

"Because he was even studying after school, and he could pass his exams today."

"Sorry boys." I said sincerely.

"Now boys today you start school with a tour around the school and meeting teachers. Liam you will still go to the school, but you will go help with the teachers. Now go get ready."

"Fine," the four boys moped into their bunks.

 "Liam, there is going to be someone to help you. Her name is Piper. Paul." Paul walked in and handed me a picture. The photo had a young girl with red hair and brown eyes. She was beautiful, but my attention was drawn back to Simon. "She is very sweet and smart. She will be the boys private tutor and you will work with her. Now go get ready." I got up and was about to leave when Simon said, " Make sure the boys are good".

The boys and I got ready and headed to the school. "Oh oh, Paul can we get some tea please?" Louis begged. "If I'm going to school at least let me have my tea!" And soon we were in Starbucks, with our sunglasses and hoodies. Surprisingly no one noticed us. We were now waiting in the pickup line for six teas. Zayn and Louis were planning to have a double date with their girlfriends, Eleanor and Perrie. Niall and Harry were talking about going out this weekend. But here I am single and not really up for partying. I am the Daddy Direction.

"Hey Liam, look at that bird," Niall said. I turned my head over my shoulder to see a short little red head. She was wearing a batman t-shirt, a cardigan, shorts, and combat boots. Her hair fell gently over her shoulder. Then it hit me. ' I think that's Piper' I thought. "Liam. Liam," Niall said.

"What," I said a little too loud.

"She's coming over here," Harry said. I turned my head again, to see her a couple feet away from us. Her eyes were on her phone. God she was beautiful. I can't wait to talk to her.

"Piper," the worker shout. Piper went up to claim her two coffees. Two? Whatever.

"Wayne, Kyle, Barry, Huey, and Ian,"(Sugarscape interview) the worker shouted out. Stupid nicknames. We grabbed our tea and hurried out. We all piled back into the van. A couple minutes later we came up to a huge secondary school. The entrance was all marble, with about 20 stairs to the main doors. We got there around 6:50am, making it easy to get in the school. As we entered the school a vaulted ceiling was above us. It was breath taking for a school. We walked to the main office, to find a nice elderly woman behind a large desk.

"Good morning, How can I help you," she asked in a timid voice.

"Hello ma'am. I'm Paul Higgins, we talked on the phone," Paul said sternly.

"Oh yes. Nice to meet you boys. Please give me a moment." she said sweetly. She grabbed the phone and punched some numbers in. "Hello, umm yea, can I have her here. Thank you John." She ended the call she faced us. "Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson." The four of them raised their hands. "Boys you each have private tutors and one over all private teachers." They all nodded their heads, and like on cue Piper walks in. Niall then nudged me, but I had my attention on her.

"Hi Mrs. Wilson," she said sweetly.

"Hello Ms. Valentine, I would like you to meet Mr. Payne. Mr. Peterson said it would be ok if he understudied you on private teaching,"

"Of course. Nice to meet you," she said and extended a hand out. I some how got enough courage to shake her hand and look straight into her eyes and say; " The pleasure is mine.". She smiled and blushed a little giving me some confidence.

"Oh Piper, you will also be an overseeing these men, um Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis on their studies."

"Does Mr. Peterson know?" Piper asked.

"Yes he nominated you for the job. Now can you please take Liam to Mr. Peterson room, while I take these four to the private teaching quarters," Mrs. Wilson asked.

"Sure, come on Liam," Piper said. Well pays off to be smart.


















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