Teenage Criminals

'If I told you would you take it the wrong way?'
His hot breath hit the side of my face making me flush.
'I will take it anyway you want.'
I whisper slowly into his ears. Closing my eyes. I fell him wrapped his arms around me tight.
This was a mistake. He was a mistake. I should've let him close to me. I was only ever going to corrupt him.
See I am not like all the other girls. I am dangerous. I don't take shit from anyone.
I am a trained fighter. I am the "Bad-Girl" in school. But I don't see it that way.
I see it as I am one of the few girls who can stand up for herself. Who never makes mistakes.
But I did make a mistake and that is falling in love with a good boy named Harry Styles

(Non-famous One Direction fanfic)


33. Epilogue

"Harry, you are on in five." Mitchell my tour manager called as he peeked his head into my dressing room. 

"Okay, Mitchell same set as always?" I asked him. Looking up from my phone. 

"Yeah, always. Are you okay?" He asked me as semi-worried expression spread across his face. 

"Um, yeah. Just a little nervous. I still can't believe this is my life. Even though it has been two years, It is still hard to comprehend. And now playing a sold out show at Madison Square Garden. It is unbelieveable." Told him standing up from the couch. 

"I know, Harry. Just make sure you don't let it get to your head.  I know I tell you this a lot but I see a lot of popstars let the fame get to their head. And just as quickly as their fame rose it fell even faster." He told me again for the millionth time since we met a year ago. 

"I know, I know. Now lets go." I say walking to the side of the stage I would walk into.

"Good luck, Harry. " He said before I walked onto stage. The crowd immediately erupted into screams and cheers.  I smiled and begun to sing my first set. 




       I waved goodbye to the crowd on last time before walking off stage.  As I walked back to my dressing room people patted me on my back and told me I did a great job.  Thanking them all as I closed my dressing room door. Immediately heading to the couch and laying down out of pure exhaustion.  I start to close my eyes but was soon interrupted by Mitchell barging into the room. 

"Harry, get up. We are gonna go to the hotel room Then you can sleep all you want." He nagged. 

"What do you mean?" I asked confused. "Don't I  have another concert tomorrow?"

"Nope, you have a week off. I decided you earned it. So, I talked to Simon and he agreed to push back some of the dates." He told me making me sit up quickly.

"Are you serious? Oh, Mitchell I love you so much right now." I told him standing up and giving him a huge hug. 

"I know, Harry. I love you too man. Now lets get to the tour bus and get to the hotel." Mitchell said pulling away from my suffocating hug. 

"Alright lets go." I said walking through the door Mitchel following behind me.

"Harry, there is one thing." I heard Mitchell call out making me stop dead in my tracks and turn to face him.

"And what may that be?" I asked getting a little angry because of the strings that were attached. 

"No girls." He spoke in a serious tone. 

"I don't date." I told him in a tone that said 'Are you fucking kidding me?' 

"Harry, you told everyone that you only ever loved one girl. An American girl. She left you and you want to find her. Well you can't go chasing after her. Not now at least. That is what Simon told me to tell you."  I clenched my fists at my side growing angry at his words. 

"Are you kidding me. So the only way I can have a break is by not going after the girl I love when I finally have a chance." I start to yell at him. My voice raising higher with each word.

"It has been five years, Harry. She left you five years ago. Don't you think it is time to move on? Don't you think she has moved on? And even if she hasn't there has to be a reason why she left and doesn't want you to find her." He told me. His voice loud and stern. 

"I can't move on. I  don't care if it has been 5 years or 20 years. I will still love her and go after her. I just need to kiss her one more time. Hold her in my arms one more time. Hear her voice one more time."  I tell him in a softer voice as my eye are fixated onto the ground.

"Harry, are you sure you feel this?" He asked hesitation clear in her voice. 

"Yes, it is." I spoke lightly as my eyes still stayed fixed to the ground.

"Then go for it. But you can't tell anyone. And you have to stay hidden. Especially from the paps. And if Simon finds out. It will  be your arse on the line. Not mine." He spoke.

"Thank you Mitchie," I told him my tone lifting up as happiness became clear in my voice. 

"Anytime." He told me. "Now lets go to the hotel." 

"Alright," Spoke as I walked along the corridors of the stadium. 


       It has been five years. Five years tomorrow is the day she left. The last time I was with her. And now I get a chance to look for her. Lets just hope I can find her. After all it has been five years. Maybe she will hate me more for going after her. Maybe she has a boyfriend. Or is engaged. What is she is married. I can't think like this. No because tomorrow is five years. It is also the day I find my other half. Aria Darcy Grey. 





                                                                       The End 



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