Teenage Criminals

'If I told you would you take it the wrong way?'
His hot breath hit the side of my face making me flush.
'I will take it anyway you want.'
I whisper slowly into his ears. Closing my eyes. I fell him wrapped his arms around me tight.
This was a mistake. He was a mistake. I should've let him close to me. I was only ever going to corrupt him.
See I am not like all the other girls. I am dangerous. I don't take shit from anyone.
I am a trained fighter. I am the "Bad-Girl" in school. But I don't see it that way.
I see it as I am one of the few girls who can stand up for herself. Who never makes mistakes.
But I did make a mistake and that is falling in love with a good boy named Harry Styles

(Non-famous One Direction fanfic)


8. Chapter Seven

*Mature Content* 

      I was looking threw my closet with a towel wrapped around me. Harry sat on my bed looking at me making no attempt to get dressed.  He moved all the food wrappers into one pile and threw them away in the trash can next to my door.  I could tell he was wait for me to do what I owed him. Which I really didn't want to do after those thoughts in the shower.  I was doing everything to avoid having to. 

"Get dressed, I want to undress you." I said hoping that it would be easier to avoid my promise if he was dressed.  He seemed to like what I said because he was soon fully clothed. 

     I eventually  found an outfit after thirty minutes of stalling.  I put on some fresh underwear. but before I could put on the small dress I felt a hand on my shoulder making me turn and face Harry. 

"Don't put that on I would hate for it to get dirty." He said referring to the job I was going to do. 

    I just nodded at him setting the dress down.  I turned towards him and gave him a weak smile. 

"What's wrong?" He asked in a worrisome voice. 

"Nothing I am just nervous. I have never done this before."  I said looking at him.

"Don't worry. It will be easy. I will tell you what I like."  He said in a calming voice. Maybe I was just messing with myself. I doubt Harry would use me. I was probably just nervous about the BJ and trying to scare myself. I started to calm down.  

"Okay." I said. Maybe this won't be so bad. 

     Harry started to kiss me. I felt for the hem of hi shirt and pulled it above his head. Harry pulled away looking at me wanting to start. I nod and got on my knees. My hands shakingly start to unbutton his pants.  I unzipped his zipper and pulled down his pants.  I looked up at him for reassurance he nodded and gave me a smile.

"It is okay Aria. You can do it."  It was one of the few times Harry has said my name.  I shook my head no.  I couldn't bring myself to do it. Tears started to build up almost spilling out. I couldn't do this not with all the doubts in my head. 

      Harry noticed me near tears and worry was soon plastered on his face. I reached down and took my hand and brought me up. We both ended up sitting on my bed. Harry hugging me. Tears falling down my face. Harry rubbed his hands up and down my back trying to calm me down.  I pulled away finally calming down.  

"What is wrong?" He asked again. I took a couple deep breaths making sure my breathing was stable.  

"I can't do this. There is too much  on my mind about you , me , us. It is just too much. Plus this. I am done I can't do it anymore. I can't do us anymore"  I started to ramble. I didn't even know what I was really saying. But I stopped when I saw Harry's face drop. He looked confused, sad, and upset. 

"What do you mean you can do us any more?" He asked quietly  as his eye transfixed on his lap.  Everything was quiet. I didn't know what to say. "What do  you mean, Aria? Damn it answer it." He yelled after I didn't reply after a few minutes.

"I can't do us. You're messing with my feelings. I can't help but doubt you and myself."  I whispered my eyes locked on the ground. Again everything went quiet. 

"Why do you doubt me?" He asked his voice barely over a whisper. 

"It is just you changed so fast, you had the clothes, you don't wear contacts when you use to wear glasses. You seem so sure. I feel like you have done this before and I don't want to be just another one of your games. I never done anything like this. I don't let people get close to me and yet here you are. " Tears were again cascading down my face for the second time today and one of the first times since my mothers death. 

"I can explain that." He said confidently.  I took a deep breath and nodded.

"Then explain." I said simply my voice weak and shaking. Harry nodded his eyes still transfixed on his lap as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.  

    I focused on the words that came out of his mouth. Each word hit me like a bullet in the heart. Making me want to crawl  under the covers of my bed and never come out again. 

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