Teenage Criminals

'If I told you would you take it the wrong way?'
His hot breath hit the side of my face making me flush.
'I will take it anyway you want.'
I whisper slowly into his ears. Closing my eyes. I fell him wrapped his arms around me tight.
This was a mistake. He was a mistake. I should've let him close to me. I was only ever going to corrupt him.
See I am not like all the other girls. I am dangerous. I don't take shit from anyone.
I am a trained fighter. I am the "Bad-Girl" in school. But I don't see it that way.
I see it as I am one of the few girls who can stand up for herself. Who never makes mistakes.
But I did make a mistake and that is falling in love with a good boy named Harry Styles

(Non-famous One Direction fanfic)


19. Chapter Eighteen

      After we finished eating we debated for a little who house to go to. I won the argument saying  I need a shower and warmer clothes. Also I mentioned that if he went to his house I would never sleep with him again. That made him shut up and drive.  I smile protrude on my face on the way back to my place.  We arrived at my place and everyone's cars were there. I smiled. I felt like I haven't seen them in forever. 

      We walked into the house.  Lucas always leaves the door unlock.  We walked into the living room where Juliet and Joey were watching T.V. while cuddling.  We all told them that they would make a cute couple. But they always responded with a 'Ewww,' or 'Yuck, we are like brother and sister.' or my favorite, 'we are best friends it would be awkward if we fucked.'   I always laughed at them because it was obvious they were both madly in love with each other but they were both too stubborn and blind to see the  way they look at each other. I just wished they would stop being so stupid and date already.   

      We they finally notice that  me and Harry entered the room they both jumped away from each other. As if being next to each other in front of us was deadly.Harry chuckled at them. I just rolled my eyes.

"Hey, guys. Where is everyone?" I asked. 

"In the kitchen." Juliet snapped obviously mad we interrupted their cuddling.I just gave them a small smile before heading upstairs to my bedroom.  

"I am going to go take a quick shower. You can either stay here or go hang out with everyone down stair. But you may not take a shower with me. " I told him strictly. Or as strictly as I could with what I was saying.  He frowned and stuck out his lips. I just smirked at him as I gathered my towel and body wash. Harry was laying down on my bed as I left my bedroom. 




      After my not so short shower. I went into my room where Harry was now gone from.  Which worked out for the better. Because now I can change without Harry watching me or/and trying to get me in bed. I quickly through on some jeans and a tee shirt with my Nirvana sweatshirt.  I slip on my converse and head down stairs. 

     I hear Harry's loud laugh boom from the kitchen.  I smiled as I walk into the kitchen.  Harry was sitting on one of the counters.  While the others stand. Alice was cooking something and Lucas was standing behind her.  Alice and Lucas have been together since like forever.  As Alice puts it. She is the most mature sometime and then she is a giddy school girl. She is bipolar and often forget to take her medicine so you always have to be prepared with her.  

      Joey and Juliet seemed to be deep in a conversation and ignoring everything one around them. Jeremy and Harry were ignoring everything around them and just laughing  and messing around. Or doing whatever those two do. I am actually closer to Jeremy then Lucas and Joey. Everyone thought me and Jeremy were going to end up together. He likes me but I like him only as a friend. I kinda felt bad  because he truly cared for me and I just friendzoned hm. But I honestly don't like him like that. 

    I walked up to Harry and Jeremy. They both looked at me and smiled brightly at me. I smiled back. We started to talk about Harry and England. Me and Jeremey kept fucking with Harry when he called soccer, football.  I could tell Harry was getting angry with us so I quickly changed the subject and grabbed a hold of Harry's hand. 

"Hey, I gotta go or my parents are gonna freak.. Can you take me home, Ari?" He asked. I

"Sure, I will see you guys in a little. That is if Harry will let me leave." I joked waving goodbye to everyone. Harry said his goodbyes quickly.  I grabbed my keys from Harry. I walked around to the drivers seat. When I started driving I soon realized that I was almost out of gas. 

    I went to the nearest gas station barely even making it there.  I got out a filled my tank. Stressing on how much money it took to fill my tank. I grabbed my dad's card and slid it. I felt a little bad for using his card so  much. But now I depended on it.  And it almost makes up for him ditching me for some bimbo.  I shook my head trying to get those thoughts out of my head. They slowly started to go away.  I finished up filling the tank as Harry remained silent obviously deep in thought.I didn't want to bother him so I just focused on driving.  It wasn't until we reached Harry's House that I brought him out of his thoughts by touching him lightly on his shoulder making him jump a little in the seat. 

"Oh, uh thanks for the ride."  He said a little distracted.

"Can I come in?" I asked.

"No, you can leave now" He said quick and bitterly. But before I could reply or even process what he said he was out of the car and halfway up the driveway. I just sat there for a  few moments thinking about what just happened.


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