The V.I.P Tickets

Kylie and her best friend Haylee have been friends for over 13 years now (there 17 btw) and they love one direction , Haylee loves:Liam,Louis,and Zayn and Kylie loves :Harry, Niall, and Liam. And thats the problem they both love Liam. Later on they see ad on T.V for V.I.P tickets to go One Direction. The ad said "Lookin for 2 girls who love 1D , the first 2 people to call this number below wins V.I.P tickets to go see 1D. In the end will Kylie and Haylee's friendship continue or will it end completely? What boys stay with what girls?



4. Were Here

                                                            Haylee`s P.O.V


``I cant beileve thìs is acutally happening , were going to meet One Direction in a couple of seconds!!!`` I said to Kylie extremly excited.``OMG!!!! I know like were so lucky to be able to meet them and like as much as I should be happy Im in love and i have even met them yet`` We both laughed as we were about to knock on the door. But before we could the doors opened and then....BOOM!!! "Hi were One Direction" They said in there cute Brittish and Irish accents.Me and Kylie had the biggest smiles on our faces."You must be Kylie and Haylee". We nodded in agreement.


                                                        Nialls P.O.V


I kept smiling while looking at Haylee and Kylie. All though Kylie was grabbing something from her purse so i havent quite seen her face yet. Then she put her head right back up and i instantly saw that she was beautiful. With her big brown eyes long flowy hair and just the way she smiles. I took a step towards her and put out my hand introducing myslef." Im Niall Horan and you must be Kylie.She nodded. " Nice to meet you". She said smiling still. Harry could tell of what i thought of Kylie." Niall why dont you show Kylie around the house". Said Harry while grinning." It would be my pleasue" I said while smiling at Kylie and Harry.


                                                         Kylies P.O.V


Niall is such a gental men ive only known him for a few minutes but still its all most like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. As Niall was showing me around my was dropped probably about 6 million times because on how big the place was and on what they had there. Niall finally showed me my room where i would be staying for the whole time but he told me there was a problem though. " Whats the problem" I said confusingly." You and Haylee have to share a room with someone... I mean like u both get a different person but umm u guys have to pick but if u dont want to we can pick..." He said nervously."Umm I-uh um I dont know... You guys pick". I said back to him." Umm ok I guess you... is that ok" He said." Ya thats fine.

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