The V.I.P Tickets

Kylie and her best friend Haylee have been friends for over 13 years now (there 17 btw) and they love one direction , Haylee loves:Liam,Louis,and Zayn and Kylie loves :Harry, Niall, and Liam. And thats the problem they both love Liam. Later on they see ad on T.V for V.I.P tickets to go One Direction. The ad said "Lookin for 2 girls who love 1D , the first 2 people to call this number below wins V.I.P tickets to go see 1D. In the end will Kylie and Haylee's friendship continue or will it end completely? What boys stay with what girls?



3. The Idea Before They Arive

                                                                  Niall's P.O.V


"I am quite excited to meet Kylie and Haylee today. I wonder what they look like." I said to Harry."Me too lad." Harry said back to me. I thought to myself about what could happen , I mean like there with us for a week and all . "Hey Harry!!" I yell. "Ya Niall?" He said back to me." Kylie's birthday is coming up i heard , maybe all of us should get her a gift." I said to Harry smiling."Lad , we dont know anything about her though." Harry said. "Why dont we just spend 5 days getting to know them and then on the 6th day we'll go out and buy it. So that on the last day we can give her the gift from us." I said acting all smart. " You know what that idea isnt that bad , I'll go find the others and go tell them the plan!" Harry said while jogging slowly backwards then turning around and starts to run.


                                                            Zayn's  P.O.V         


"Hey is that Harry running towards us or is it a crazy fan??" I say to Liam and Louis."I think thats Harry." Said Liam."Ya i reconize those sweet dreamy green eyes and his amazingly soft curls."Said Louis."I give Louis the What the hell look."Harry soon starts to explain the whole idea for the 2 of them and another present for Kylie for her birthday. Liam,Louis, and I start to nod in agreement to Harry's idea. "Alright sounds good." I say to harry before he runs off again.


                                                          Haylees's P.O.V

                                                           *6 Hours Later*


"OMG, we're finnally in England and gonna meet One Direction!!!!" I scream to Kylie" OMG , I know im so excited this is going to be the best week ever, and the best part is its like an early birthday present for me!!" Says Kylie back to me really excited. We walk into the airport and go to the thing where we get our luggage, then we soon notice a shoffer holding up a sign with our names on it .We quickly grabbed our luggage and walk towards the shoffer and said to him we are Kylie and Haylee." Right this way" He said as such a gentlemen. As we step outside we see a limo waiting outside to drive us to the place."OMG!!!" We both scream at the same time. As we step in the limo we sit down and notice that there are other people a head of us to chairs were not to sure who it is but as soon as they turned we kneww who they exactly were. IT WAS NIALL AND ZAYN!!!!!!




                                                              AUTORS NOTE

Sorry guys that i havent been able to write the new chapter latly ive just been really busy any i hope u liked this new chapter



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