The V.I.P Tickets

Kylie and her best friend Haylee have been friends for over 13 years now (there 17 btw) and they love one direction , Haylee loves:Liam,Louis,and Zayn and Kylie loves :Harry, Niall, and Liam. And thats the problem they both love Liam. Later on they see ad on T.V for V.I.P tickets to go One Direction. The ad said "Lookin for 2 girls who love 1D , the first 2 people to call this number below wins V.I.P tickets to go see 1D. In the end will Kylie and Haylee's friendship continue or will it end completely? What boys stay with what girls?



6. The First Night



                                                      Kylies P.O.V

Its our first night here and im really nervous. I wonder what will happen between us. Will anything get weird or will things get good. I have no idea whats going on or if we are just sleeping. Later that night its time. Were going to bed and im really nervous on what will happen? As im getting ready for bed i relize that sleep in a bra and under wear not pajamas. "CRAP!" i said out loud. "Is everything ok in there Kylie?" Niall shouts back at me."Yea , everything is fine." I yell back. I open the bathroom door and peek to see if im not the only one sleeping like this but then thats when i saw it. Niall sleeps in his underwear to but not only that. He put on a fresh pair while i just started to peek. So i saw it. His butt. Ive seen it on live T.V before when he was getting a fake tattoo of someones face on it. But never in actual person. Before i come out i notice thats hes ready in bed. He put on some T.V to watch as he waits. I then come out and hear "Wow." Niall said supprised. I just smile get in bed and slowly start to sleep.




                                                         Haylees P.O.V

Its night time and i have to share a bed with Louis. And i dont really know whats going to happen i mean i really Really like him but i just dont know. I guess its just because Ive had bad experiences with boys before. I remeber when i was dating Bently. He seemed like the nicest boy possible but he wasnt. When he got mad he would get abusive. He would hit me , threaten to hurt me. I guess im just afaid that he could do the same. Ever since i dated Bently i cant look at boys the same way i used to. Unlike Kylie i will sleep in pajamas so thank the lord. Later once me and Louis are both ready for bed he turns on the T.V and i notice hes wearing pajamas like me and not only are they just pajamas theres striped! FETUS is all i was thinking in my head



                                                           Harrys P.O.V

Im so jealous that Niall is with Kylie for the few weeks. Im really starting to like Kylie alot. Watch Kylie fall for Niall and then theyll start dating. Maybe theres one way that i could make Kylie jelous and then she will fall for me. But i have no idea what i could do to make her jelous. Maybe i could get a fake girlfriend. Or pretend to hurt myslef and make her feel bad for me and then she will have to fall for me!!!!!!









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