The V.I.P Tickets

Kylie and her best friend Haylee have been friends for over 13 years now (there 17 btw) and they love one direction , Haylee loves:Liam,Louis,and Zayn and Kylie loves :Harry, Niall, and Liam. And thats the problem they both love Liam. Later on they see ad on T.V for V.I.P tickets to go One Direction. The ad said "Lookin for 2 girls who love 1D , the first 2 people to call this number below wins V.I.P tickets to go see 1D. In the end will Kylie and Haylee's friendship continue or will it end completely? What boys stay with what girls?



1. The Comerical

                                   My P.O.V



Me and Haylee were watching T.V when a 1D comercial came on , and of course we fangirled. In the comercial it said " We are giving away free 1D tickets and V.I.P passes to a meet and greet." Me and Haylee immediately started screaming."The first 2 callers to call this number below will win these prizes." They flashed the number below and Me and Haylee whiped our phones out and started calling. We both got threw and were listening to find out what caller we are. It turns out Me and Haylee we the 1st 2 callers. Haylee of course being the sneaky devilish child she is ,  she tricked me into thinking that she didnt get it when she really did. Right away we started to pack , but then we relized that we need to go shopping for new clothes to go see them.

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