Falling Tomorrow

Leandra is 16. She has light blonde hair, blue eyes, and stands at 5'2. None of this stops her from becoming one of the World's most dangerous. Her father is the head of a major intelligence company that investigates serious crimes throughout the world. When they hire a new agent, Seth, she's torn between him and her job. Will Leandra's feelings for him interfere with her life?


4. The First Shot is the Signal

I quickly checked the gun. The bullets were loaded and ready. I flipped off the safety and shoved it back into my bra. I felt my leg to make sure the knife was still in it's sheath. It was. I unlocked the door and stepped out. 

"You ready?" He asked, seeing I was still in what I was wearing.

"Yes, I'm so sorry, but I was wondering..." I started as I walked closer, my hand drifting down to my dress and lifting the hem, "Do you know who I really am?" I asked as I jerked the knife from the sheath and cut his neck. He screamed.

"You, you bitch!" He roared, coming at me. I grabbed the gun from my dress and put my finger on the trigger, holding it at his head. He stuck his hand down into his pocket and pulled out one, too, and jabbed it into my side. Shit. I'd really messed up, if I shot he'd shoot, too.

"If you know what's good for you, you'll drop the gun right now and get in that bed." He said in a low, dangerous tone. I nodded stepped toward the bed and tossed the gun down, kicking it under the bed. He'd forgotten about the knife. Right as he pushed me down into the bed, I plunged the knife into his side and he screamed, dropping his gun. I snatched it and mine, aiming both at him. 

"Say goodbye." I whispered as I pulled the trigger on his gun. I heard the sound of glass shattering, the mission was now in full swing. I felt him down quickly, making sure he didn't have anything on him. Other than numerous bags of drugs, there was nothing. His hand flew up and grabbed my dress, ripping it up the side.

"Help." He croaked. I pulled his gun and shot again. His head hit the ground. Two men rushed into the room. Not our agents, but his cookers. I pointed the gun at them. Both of them raised their hands, dropping the crowbar and small kitchen knife that they were each holding. I grabbed a roll of duct tape that I found sitting on top of Andrew's bed, and taped them together against one of the posts. 

"I won't kill you unless you do anything that will make me." I assure the shaking men, reloading my gun. I left the room, running towards the staircase. Jacob crept up the stairs. He'd managed to stay hidden so far. I pressed myself against the wall and took a breath. Alexander's gun had ran out of bullets, my gun had two bullets left. I inhaled once more before jumping out and aiming. Right as I pulled the trigger, another bullet ripped the air from behind me, striking Jacob. I jerked around. Seth stood behind me, gun in his hand. 

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