i love whit liam payne

am Nina and i am 18 years old my dad is a manager my mum lives in holywood
they split up when i was a little girl am a huge fan of one direction


1. the biginning

it was 4pm when my dad was calling me form dowstairs.Shit i totally forgot that my dad was bringing 

his new clients at home. i was lisening to best song ever on my ipod and was changing my 1D posters.I love thos boys soooooo much "Nina" my dad calls me again "yeah be ther i a minute"

i ture the music down and go dowstairs singin best song ever "and we danced all night to the best song ever". "I know every line know i can't remember how it goes but i know that i won't forget her"

when i look up hoe was singin the part whit me i saw 5 boy on the chouch. I look at them whit big eyes. they where all smiling at me "iiiiip" i said. I lookt at my dad how was laugin. "Hi" Harry said

"H..h..h hi "i reply am Nina." you 'r a really good singer louis said" i blush and look shy down. "awww" you are soo cute when you do that liam said. that made me blush even more. suddently my dad gets a call.when he hang up he lookt at the boys an then back at me."What wrong i ask we dident found someone how wants to open the show" he said. he look at the guys "do you know someone?"

he asked zayn stood up and walk over to me."i think we just found someone he say while looking at me."Nina would you want to come whit us" my dad ask. I lookd surprisde. everyone was staring at me."hun yeah i loved to but what about school?" " we will found  a teacher" i nodde i love to come whit you cant wait. dad calls his bureau back when he hung up. he said at the boys and said "do you minde to stay a few hours whit my daugther" he ask they all shake there heads. my dad give me a kiss and said "I have to go to the bureau could be late tonight you can sleep here or go back to the hotel" they all nod.         

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