Natural Causes

There is only one family that runs the estate. The Dexters. They control what happens. Who sells what. They control the toms and their pimps.
There is no escape. Once you're on the estate that's it. You're trapped.
Everyone and everything is theirs. Their word is law. And if you don’t obey. If you rebel. You'll die... of natural causes.


2. Jacob

Finn. That damned kid.

I didn’t like hitting the boy.

But he didn’t half ask for it. It was like he wanted a beating. And then I'd hit Katherine. I'd already caused her enough pain by delivering the the news about Joey. Finn knew something was wrong. He wasn’t stupid. I rolled my eyes. Damned kid.

“Looking for a good time love?” a woman’s voice slurred.

I turned slightly and saw an old brass. She had to be one of Oscar’s old girls. Oscar must've gotten rid of her because punters would never be interested in someone like her. She wore short black skirt that barely skimmed her backside and a white tank top that clung to her sagging body. Her vacant eyes told me that she was off her head. But the fact that she was stoned wasn’t stopping her touting for business. Whoever she was she was pissing me the fuck off.


I hated them. I didn’t mind screwing them, that was fine, but whores like this were common as muck, stank worse than a gypsy's kiss and were as run through as the Mersey Tunnel. Disgusting.

Worse still she was in my territory. If Oscar didn't want to sort her I would. I turned to face her properly and smiled as she recognised my face. He eyes widened in fear because she knew me; knew me for who and what I was. A Dexter.

“Now darlin', what are you doing here on my turf?” I said stepping towards the old tom menacingly.

“I'm sorry Jacob, I didn’t know. I swear I thought it was OK. Oscar said it would be. I swear.” she backed away fearfully. Knowing that she was neck deep in shit. That only made me angrier.

“Spare me the pony trap love. Oscar let slags like you go a long time ago. And what yer running away for? That's just damned rude and if there is one this I can't stand, it's rudeness.”

The backhand slap that hit her face made her cry out in agony.

“Oh my gawd! Jacob I'm sorry! I swear I didn’t mean t-.”

I shut her up by putting my boot in her face, pushing down and hearing the satisfying crunch of her nose breaking. She squealed like a pig... It was like Joey all over again.


Joey Sanders ran through the rain, his footsteps splashing in the puddles as he ran frantically. He was a fool to think he could escape Jacob Dexter and his menacing family. But he had to try, for Kate and Finn. Finn... he loved him like he was his son. When Jacob had opened his mouth he'd ruined everything. Made the boy sour.

He stopped at an alley way and looked around. Taking a chance Joey ran down the alley only to see Kian Dexter standing at the exit of the alley way. He must've come round the back with Jacob and the others.

Shit,” he hissed and went back the way he came and started running back onto the street. His lungs burned and he could feel the lactic acid building up in his legs yet he didn’t stop; he couldn’t. If he did he was certain he would die. Joey stopped to catch his breath even though his mind was screaming at him to keep going. He started running again. He ran harder and faster, determined to get away. He saw Ewan, Felix and Eli Dexter standing in a line at the end of the street. Cursing he turned round and saw Jacob, Connor and Kian Dexter stood at the other end of the street. He was stuck like rat in a trap

Damned Dexters.

Christ,” he whispered as the siblings advanced towards him.

Joey looked round. There had to be some sort of way out. Then he saw it. A backstreet. He sped down it as though he had a firecracker up his arse, desperate to get away.

He stopped.

It was a dead end. Just like it was to be for Joey's life.

Joey cursed hearing footsteps behind him.

End of the line Joey.”

The punch to the back of Joey's head sent him crashing into the wall, then onto the floor. His body was kicked over so that he could see the face of Jacob Dexter. Joey closed his eyes. He thought of Kate and Finn. He thought of how much he would miss them both. Just before Jacob expertly shot Joey between the eyes.

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