About Poetry

not a poem -


1. About Poetry

I would like to discuss ...

- space - breath -

with myself  -

space - smile -

what is poetry 

for me and what

for you it could be?

This is not poem, 

but a column,

just with you and me -  

for me - poetry is not

a competition,

smiles or pictures

or reviews, or 

sweet compliments

for your pen skills...


Poetry as i see and feel-

is a pure pleasure to write

and to live in this verses, 

poetry is essence and sense

of life, it is philosophy

and deep understanding

of  eternity of soul,

and  could be more -most of all

poetry is Love for world,

for God and human beings,

it`s sensual, or calm,

streaming in the high

or law spaces,

but always in the turn of time,

poetry is Eternity of your eyes

and sound, melody of the past,

present and future, mixed 

with you own heart.  




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