never in your wildest dreams

Alexa and Louis mix up phones by accident, and meet up a second time to get there phones beck when Alexa is asked on a date and Louis doesn't show up what happens between them?



I haven't updated in an eternity but yeah... here you go


Louis's pov


after she left shock came over me I couldn't believe that she just did that but I had to find her. I looked everywhere that she could possibly be but she was nowhere to be found after a few hours I finally gave up because I lost my voice from yelling so much, I just needed to talk to her.


Alexas pov

I have been in a tree curled up in a ball for  hours now he has got to have given up searching for me, I got out of the tree and started walking home until I heard my name called. I was grabbed by the waist and was brought to a bench, the person who I hadn't even looked at yet covered my mouth so I couldn't speak I didn't know what to do I tried too struggle but he was too strong for me when I finally looked up I saw the face that I had been crying over for the last few hours. listen to me he spoke softly since I could do nothing to get away I decided I would listen. he turned to me and looked me in the eyes and said he was sorry one million times before he placed his lips on mine. it was only for a split second but I still felt sparks run through me. we sat there for a few minutes in silence before he spoke up, hey alexa I know its kinda soon but  was wondering if....


okay of you are reading this right now i thank you beautiful people for reading my story and also i am still looking for CO WRITERS so yeah leave a comment in the box and i am also very sorry for the ending #sorrynotsorry hehe -Emily

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