never in your wildest dreams

Alexa and Louis mix up phones by accident, and meet up a second time to get there phones beck when Alexa is asked on a date and Louis doesn't show up what happens between them?


1. oops, sorry!

Alexa’s point of view



     I woke up on the first day of summer happy as ever. Finally I don’t have toworry about grades anymore! I turned to the  left side of the bed and looked at the clock 11:00, WOW I slept in really late! I guess its time to get up. I woke up to the smell of pancakes , finally you are awake I hear my mom say. I take the pancakes off the counter, I am gonna bring this up to my tree house mom! It was built when I was 5, I always felt like I could be anyone I wanted to be in it. My dreams of becoming a singer would come true. Now that I am 20 its just a place to chill. As I step out of my house I breathe in the warm summer air. Sitting up in my tree house brings back memories of pretending to be superman, and a famous singer, anything I wanted to be. But as I grew up I had to face the big bad world. My sister Emi comes running up to me interrupting my thoughts. ONE DIRECTION IS PREFORMING HERE NEXT WEEK, THEY WILL BE WALKING ON THESE STREETS! And I care why? I ask in a sarcastic tone making her a bit angry at me. You are going to drive me to the hotel they are staying at! Don’t you think that’s a bit stalkerish? I ask again in a sarcastic tone, “wow I am loving my sarcasam today!” because- I interrupt her, listen I am  not dressed and i don’t want to help you stalk one direction. She stomps away angry at me. A little later my phone buzzes


BRI : wanna go to starbucks? Yes! I will meet you at 12:30 which is in like 5 minutes hurry up


I giggle a little, gosh bri can be very forceful, In a funny way. I close my phone and run inside so I can get out of my pajamas. I put on a cami and short shorts, I leave my long curly brown hair down, And I put on a bit of mascara. Okay I think I can face the day. My clock says 12:28, good thing starbucks is only a little bit down the road I pull into starbucks and close my car door, I turn around to start walking but I end up hitting somebody, my purse falls to the ground. I am so sorry love, here let me help you. The items to my purse are picked up pretty quickly with the help of the guy I bumped into. Whats your name? I ask, you look familiar. He stands up and helps me up as well, my name is louis, I am from one direction that might be why I look so familiar. OH! My sister loves you! She almost wanted me to drive her around so she could “bump” into you. He started laughing, I get lots of that don’t worry. Whats your name love ? you know mine so I might as well know yours. My names Alexa, anyway my friend will flip out if I don’t get in there soon. Nice meeting you louis! And with that I walked into starbucks.



Louis’s point of view


“Nice meeting you” I heard her shout. Wow she was quite different than other girls I have met around here. Her sister sounded more like the other girls around here.  Harry took my car so I have been waiting for him to pick me up, he finally pulled up. I went to open the door and it was locked. Not funny mate! He finally unlocks the doors and we drive away. When we get to the flat I see niall chasing zayn around the house “give me back my food!” never! Zayn yells. When they finally calm down I realized that liam hasn’t come out of his room. Where’s liam I ask to no one really. Nobody answered me so I decided I would text him. I pulled out my phone and it was pink, I was confused I hit the home button and a picture of that girl named alexa popped up on the screen. OH No she must have my phone then.



Alexa’s point of view


After starbucks I went home and I have been sitting in my tree house ever since. My phone buzzed from my back pocket. There was no case on it maybe it fell off when I dropped everything. Anyway it said


Harry: where are you?


I was confused maybe someone had the wrong  number or something, but why did I have them saved as a contact. I don’t think I know anyone named Harry. I slid the unlock arrow and my passcode lock didn’t come up I went to messages and clicked on Harrys name not even bothering to look at any of the other names.


Me: I don’t think I know you…


Harry: haha you are very funny lad but where are you


Me: I think you have the wrong number


Harry: Louis seriously stop this isn’t funny


Me: my name isn’t louis it is alexa! How did you know I bumped into a louis anyway


Harry: oh… love I think you have louis’s phone


Me: what?


Harry: hi this is louis, when I bumped into you earlier we must have swapped phones by accident. And I kinda need my phone so lets meet at pizza hut in 10?


Me: alright see you then 





I close my phone and run inside to go get my car keys and stuff. I get at pizza hut a little early so I sit on the bench for a little while until I see familiar blue green eyes heading my way. Hello love it might help if you gave me my phone back.


Louis’s point of view


I see alexa sitting on the bench waiting for me. It might help if I you gave me my phone back I said in a funny way just kidding around. She starts to giggle, which makes me laugh. We probably looked like idiots just sitting the laughing in the freezing cold but who cares. We hand each other our phones back. Love ? would you mind giving me your number?  





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