Once upon a song

Skyler-rose Hayward is a model from Texas and her and her best friend Kayla travel to london for a month for some photo shoots what will happen while there up there?


4. Photo shoot

  Skylers POV

   I went to my room to get ready once i got up there i closed my door and got to work.First i did my long dark brown hair in tight curls then i went in to my bathroom and did my makeup i started by putting some pink blush on followed by purple eye shadow and some mascara then some light pink lipstick.I walked over to my closet and piked out a purple flowy tank top and a pair of white skinny jeans. i walked down stairs and put on my favriout heels and walked out the door

   Nialls POV

    So me and the boys are going to a photo shoot and we are doing it with a famouse model.I was snapped out of my thoughts by louis yelling WE ARE HERE and with that i jumped out of the car.When i walked in i saw two very pretty girls talking one of them had curled dark brown hair and as wearing a purple shirt and white skinny jeans the other had bleach blonde hair that was tied up in a side braid and was wearing a black tank top with blue skinny jeans "Wow"i heard Harry say while looking at the girls "Ya Wow"i said

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