Once upon a song

Skyler-rose Hayward is a model from Texas and her and her best friend Kayla travel to london for a month for some photo shoots what will happen while there up there?


3. News


 "So Skyler you have a photo shot today"my mom said"why do you guys only talk about sky"my brother Colby said"because shes nicer then you"Brady said"now stop fighting you two"my mom said"well i have some stuff to talk about to but knowone cares because all you talk about is Skyler"Colby said and walked away"WHY CANT YOU BE HAPPY FOR HER"brady yelled"no its ok i'am all we talk about im gonna go talk to him"i said and with that i got up.

  "Can i come in"i asked"s-sure"he said i walked in to Colbys room and he was in tears"whats wrong"i asked"its n-nothing"he said"no for real whats wrong"i asked "its school im not going back"he said"why"i asked "because of dexter"he said"you mean Bradys friend"i asked"ya"he answered "what does he do" i asked"he bullys me"he answered"well you go talk to mom i have to get ready"i said"ok bye"he said"bye"i said

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