Once upon a song

Skyler-rose Hayward is a model from Texas and her and her best friend Kayla travel to london for a month for some photo shoots what will happen while there up there?


7. Hospital

  Nialls POV 

    My old girlfriend came over to my house and thretend to kill Sky if i dident kis her so i did what i had to do and kissed her then sky walked in yelled at me and ran away>I was about to walk away from her door when i heared a scream and Kayla and Harry ran over to the apartment.Kayla had a key so we got in we ran to the bathroom and there was my beuatiful Sky laid on the floor"Call the hospital"i screamed.Harry went out to call the ambulance And Kayla picked up a note and read it and turened t me"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT"she yelled in anger and throu the note at me i read it and it said

  Dear Kayla

     I just wanted you to know that i will miss you and please dont blame anyone for this im doing it because i cant take to be heart broken again dont get mad at Niall intell he tells you the story but it is mostly his fault and if Niall is reading this I love you

                                                                                                    From Skyler-rose hayward

     i started to cry and cry and cry intell the ambulanse showed up

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