Once upon a song

Skyler-rose Hayward is a model from Texas and her and her best friend Kayla travel to london for a month for some photo shoots what will happen while there up there?


6. Asking

  Nialls POV 

  When i kissed Sky it felt so right i knew me and her where ment to be i just hope she feels the same way.Me and Skyler pulled away and imeditly she ran off oh great Niall you ruiend it i said to myelf"be right back"i said and ran after Skyler."Whats wrong"i asked her sitting next to her on Harrys bed "that was my first kiss"she said looking up at me "im sorr-"i was cut off by Sky crashing her lips on to mine it was a nice sweet kiss."i dident say i dident like it"she said smiling at me"well in that case would you like to be my girlfriend"i asked"YES"she screamed jumping on me and kissing me"well someones happy "i said"ya iam"she said"i know smart one"i said lauging.After we lauged for a little bit i looked up into her big brown eyes and smiled"you are beuatiful Sky you really are"i said "And you are chessy,adorbale and cute"she said smiling"i know i am"i said"good"she said. me and Sky walked back out and announsed that we were dating and Hazza looked fuirouse he better not get in the middle of me and Sky

   Skylers POV

   I went home after for a bit to get changed and have a shower it was about an hour later when i went back to Nialls.I knocked on the door no answer I knocked on the door agian still no answer so i decided to walk on in i looked around the hole apartment intell i found Niall in the corner having a fucking makeout session with some blonde chick tears started to rush down my face"WHAT THE HELL NIALL I FUCKING TRUSTED YOU I HATE YOU DONT EVER TRY TO TALK TO ME AGAIN IN MY LIFE YOU FUCKING BITCH"I yelled running out of his apartment "wait wait Sky please let me explain"he cried"Explain what that your a fucking cheater"i said running in and locking my door.I ran to bathroom and took out a rasor and cut myself very very deep it hurt and i screamed in pain.All i saw was Niall,Harry and Kayla running in and then everything went black

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