Maids for One Direction

“Um my name is Leah and me and my friend saw your ad in the paper stating that you need maids so we wanted to know if the job was still available?” Leah asked
“Um Yes it’s more than available,” Simon said with relief in his voice
Bethany and Leah are really close friends who came to and colledge in Britain and end up being maids for the biggest boy band in the world!!!


11. Chapter 9

Chapter 9


“Make fast almost all the guests are here and you are still changing,” Zayn shouted from downstairs

“Shut up and wait,” Leah shouted

Leah and Beth finished getting dressed and walked dramatically downstairs with this:




“It’s a pool party not a fashion show,” Harry joked when he saw Beth and Leah

“Whatever,” Leah said as she looked around the room to see everyone staring and a few girls whispering in their friends ears

“Harry, why is everybody staring at you?” Leah whispered to Harry

“ME!!! They are staring at you and Beth,” Harry said laughing

“Wait what? Beth stop acting like you are a model,” Leah told Beth as she was posing.

“I am going back upstairs,” Leah said as she took a step back

“Oh no you don’t come on,” Harry said as he put his hand around Leah’s waist and steered her forward. He didn’t need to force Beth to come she was enjoying this.

“Niall why is everyone looking at us?” Leah asked as Beth walked over to Liam

“Um did you look at everybody else and then look at yourself?” Niall asked with a raised eyebrow

“Yep,” Beth said

“Yeah so what’s the big deal?” Leah asked

“Oh man you and Beth look like you are in a fashion show whilst everybody else is dressed plain and simple,” Harry said shaking his head

“We know how to make an entrance,” Leah said giving him a fake smile.

“So where the food at?” Beth asked looking around.

“Over there,” Niall pointed

“Come on Liam,” Beth said as she pulled him by the hand to the food table

“Let’s go and get some drinks,” Harry said

“No I am fine,” Leah said

“Oh come on,” Harry said

Leah looked around to see the place only to see the two bitches walk in. ‘What is Taylor and Danielle doing here?’ Leah thought to herself

“On second thought I will have that drink,” Leah said as she walked with Harry to get a drink

“Um are you sure you wanna drink that?” Harry and Beth asked

“What you don’t think I can handle it,” Leah said laughing

“Um no actually,” Beth said

“Oh whatever,” Leah said as she took a swig of the drink and shivered with the taste

“Just give me the drink,” Beth said putting her hand out

“NO,” Leah said as she took another swig as Beth looked angrily at Harry

“Don’t worry Beth I won’t leave her side,” Harry said laughing

“You will love that won’t you…..Just don’t leave her,” Beth pleaded

“Kay,” Harry said as he grabbed his drink.

“SO Liam do you drink?” Beth asked as she sipped her coke

“Nope you can see I am also having a coke,” Liam said as he raised his bottle

“Oh…Right,” Beth said embarrassed

“Let’s go dip our legs in the water,” Liam said laughing

“Sure,” Beth said and follows Liam

“You wanna swim?” Harry asked Leah

“No thanks,” Leah said

“Well too bad,” Harry said smirking

“Harry NO,” Leah said as she walked backward and started to run. Sadly Harry was faster than her and she was a bit tipsy.

“Harry put me down,” Leah said laughing and Harry carried her bridal style to the edge of the pool

“Nope Beth said I should never leave you,” Harry said smirking

“Well at least let me take out my jacket,” Leah said

“Okay,” Harry said with a sigh

Leah took out her jacket very slowly and once it was out she tried to run again but Harry was too quick

“Hmmp why are you so quick?” Leah asked as she folded her arms as Harry carried her back to the pool

“Yo Harry I said don’t leave as in watch her, I know you enjoying yourself but…..Knock yourself out,” Beth screamed as she gave him a thumbs up

“Backstabber,” Leah screamed as Harry jumped with her into the pool

“Idiot,” Leah gasped laughing “I am gonna get you for this,” Leah said as she unsuccessfully tried to dump him but Harry ended up dumping her causing Beth to laugh

“Oh you laughing now,” Leah said as she swam over to Beth

“Leah don’t you dare,” Beth said as she quickly took out her jacket to avoid it getting wet as Leah threw water on her

“Go and irritate Harry looks like he is waiting for you,” Beth said causing Leah to turn around

“That bloody jackass I am gonna get him,” Leah said as she swam over to Harry

“They seem to be having fun,” Beth said turning to Liam only to catch him eyeing her

“Um yeah,” Liam said blushing as he saw Beth looking at him

“Woo hoo pool party,” Zayn screamed as he jumped on Liam’s back

“Yeah,” Louis said as he jumped into the pool

“Niall are you gonna join us?” Louis asked

“Yeah I’ll come once this burger is not lonely…I am making friends,” Niall said giving his adorable smile.

“Should have known,” Zayn laughed as he ran over to Perrie who just came in now. Perrie saw Liam and Beth and waved at them from the corner she was at.

“Ncawww man, Harry and Leah are so cute together… if only Leah could see it though.”  Beth said looking at Leah and Harry who was both splashing water into each other’s faces. Beth laughed and took out her phone.

“This is going on Twitter,” She said snapping the pic.

@1Dful_Leah and @Harry_Styles are feeling it!

“Yeah they are cute,” Liam agreed

“My friend left me,” Niall said as he jumped into the pool

“Oh Niall you ate your burger,” Beth said

“Eleanor!” Louis screamed from the diving board

“Louis get down from there,” Eleanor screamed

“Okay,” Louis said “I LOVE YOU ELEANOR,” Louis screamed as he jumped of the board and into the pool

“Louis are you okay?” Eleanor asked as Louis rose to the surface of the water.

“Yes babe I am fine,” Louis said giving his million dollar smile

“They are so cute,” Leah said as she punched Harry’s arm

“Ouch yes they are,” Harry agreed rubbing his arm

“I need another drink,” Leah said as she swam towards the edge of the pool

“Oh no you had one that’s enough,” Harry said as he grabbed her waist to stop her from swimming

“Please Hazza just one more,” Leah whispered looking up at him

“Fine just one more,” Harry sighed and swam with Leah to the edge

“Need a hand?” Harry asked as he climbed out of the pool and offered his hand to Leah

“Yess please,” Leah said grabbing his hand and getting out

“Pass me a drink one time,” Leah said as Harry grabbed one for himself

“Kay there you go,” Harry said as he passed Leah a drink

“Thanks,” Leah thanked with a smile with that she walked over to where Liam and Beth was sitting

“Sup?” Leah asked as she sat down in between Liam and Beth.

“Oh hey looks like you was having a good time,” Beth said laughing

“Yep,” Leah said popping the p

“Why did you take another drink?” Beth demanded

“What I can handle it see I am fine well atleast I still have my clothes on,” Leah said laughing

“True,” Beth said joining the laughter

“So why aren’t you swimming Liam?” Harry asked him

“Nah I wanna just sit and chill and beside Beth here is keeping me company,” Liam answered

“That’s me,” Beth shouted

“Oh,” Harry said and after that there was silence….

“So Beth I wonder if it’s true?” Leah asked

“Uh what is?” Beth asked back

“Well they say that when you first have sex and break your virginity it is very painful and hard to walk…So in order to walk properly and not feel pain they say you must have sex every night after till you stop paining,” Leah said with a nod

Everyone just looked at Leah as if she was crazy including Liam and Harry although Harry wanted to laugh

“AWESOME,” Beth said as she high-fived Leah

“I know right,” Leah said

“You girls are gross,” Liam said shaking his head

“That’s why you love us,” Beth said in a sing-song voice causing Harry to laugh

“What you laughing at?” Leah asked

“At you and Beth,” Harry said

“Oh yeah we are funny,” Leah said as she sipped her drink

“Leah don’t have another drink you are drunk,” Beth said

“I am not,” Leah exclaimed as ‘That Power’ by and Justin Bieber came on “Oh this is my jam,” Leah said as she got up and went to dance

“She’s one crazy chick,” Harry said laughing and looking at where she was going

“Yep,” Beth agreed

“Hey who’s that guy by her?” Liam asked

“WHERE?” Harry asked as he turned to see what he was talking about

“Oh no he didn’t,” Harry mumbled as he got up

“Don’t do anything rash,” Liam said

“Excuse me bro,” Harry said as he tried to get in between Leah and the guy

“What do you want?” The guy asked

“Get away now,” Harry growled

“Harry come and dance with me,” Leah whined as she pulled Harry arm and Harry just smirked at the guy

“Leah are you okay?” Harry asked as he danced with Leah

“Yep why you ask?” Leah asked Harry

“Just asking the guy looked creepy,” Harry exclaimed

“I didn’t worry coz’ I knew you wouldn’t let anything happen to me,” Leah whispered

“Of course I won’t,” Harry whispered back as they danced till the song ended

“Let’s go back into the water,” Leah said smiling as she pulled Harry’s hand and led him to the pool

“On the count of three we will jump in,” Leah said as she intertwined her fingers with Harry’s causing a shiver  to go down Harry’s spine


“THREE,” Leah screamed as she and Harry jumped in together and got up laughing

“They are so happy together,” Beth said as she turned to face Liam only to see that he has inched closer

Beth just stared at him and her eyes flickered to his lips and back to his face only to feel Liam’s warm lips against hers. At first she was a bit shocked but then she kissed back and wrapped her arms around his neck and he put his arms around her waist and pulled her close. She felt sparks, saw fireworks and felt safer than she has been in her life. Their kiss soon turned into passion and hunger for each other. They were enjoying the kiss only to hear a screechy voice break them out of their passionate bubble.

“Liam what are you doing kissing your maid?” Danielle asked causing them to break their kiss.

“Danielle who invited you?” Liam growled

“Since when do I have to be invited to my boyfriends house

“Boyfriend?” Beth whispered as she stood up, grabbed her jacket and ran inside

“Beth wait, Danielle you are not my girlfriend anymore,” Liam said angrily

“Oh come on stop joking now,” Danielle cooed and she went to stroke his arm

“No I am not joking leave my house at once,” Liam said as he jerked away from her

“Why is it because of that maid?” Danielle questioned with one hand on her hip

“Yess you have a problem with that and don’t call her a maid her name is Beth,” Liam said angrily

“Wait you are in love with your maid?” Danielle asked shocked

“Leave my house,” Liam growled and he took a step forward causing Danielle to flinch

“Fine you gonna pay for this,” Danielle said and left the house

“Urg,” Liam moaned and sat down with his head in his hands


 Meanwhile in Beth’s bathroom

‘Why is everything going wrong?’ Beth thought to herself as she sat on the floor with her head facing the floor. She lifted her head and her eyes caught the blade lying on the sink. She got up and walked over to the sink

‘Should I do it?’ Beth thought to herself

‘Yepp’ a voice in the back of her head said. She snatched the blade from the sink and sat on the floor looking at it and she wiped it on her shorts. She stared at it for a moment and wondered whether it’s the right thing to do.

Yeah you think you piercings can hide those terrible dimples on your back, you only want to smile with those terrible crinkles that form by your eyes that make you look like an old women’ all these thoughts ran all over her head that Danielle had told her.

‘I am doing it’ Beth thought. She held up the blade and she pressed it to her hands causing blood to pour out, ‘That’s for the dimples’ she pressed the blade again to her skin, ‘That’s for the crinkles in my eyes’ she pressed it one last time, ‘That’s for being fat!’ she let the tears run freely down her cheeks and threw the blade on the ground and just cried. She started to feel sleepy and wiped the blood off and went to bed...


“Leah what are you doing?” Harry growled as Leah was dancing in the water with a guy and Harry could see what that guy wanted he was rubbing against her and oh was he getting mad

“Get away from her,” Harry growled as he violently pushed the guy away

“Why do you own her?” The guy asked angrily

“YES now get away,” Harry said “Or else.” He threatened

“Leah you gotta be careful....,” Harry said but was cut off by Leah smashing her lips against his

“Uh Harry I am sorry,” Leah said as she realized what she had done and drew away

“LLeah...,” He stammered “It’s fine,” He said with a smirk and pulled her close by the waist and kissed her she wrapped her hands around his neck and tangled her fingers in his curly hair. He pushed her to the side of the pool so that her back was against the wall and she wrapped her legs around his waist and she could feel his ‘manhood’ press against her causing her to smile into the kiss. Harry was really happy that she finally wanted him as much as he wanted her, but he felt a little bad that she was drunk. They were enjoying their passionate kiss when someone ruined it

“Why are you making out with that fat thing?” Taylor said causing Leah to come back to Earth and remember everything she unwrapped her legs from Harry and pushed him away.

“Taylor what are you doing here?” Harry asked angrily

“Why can’t I see you anymore it because you are with this fat maid of yours,” Taylor shouted causing Leah to flinch. She was about to jump out of the pool when Harry caught her hand

“Don’t go,” He whispered

“Leave me alone,” Leah said through gritted teeth and jerked her hand away from him. She got out of the pool and ran inside

“Taylor you are not supposed to be here,” Harry shouted

“But Harry baby....” Taylor said but Harry cut her off

“DON’T CALL ME THAT,” He said with anger

“Why do you like this maid now?” Taylor said shocked

“No I don’t like her I love her,” Harry said and walked away to sit by Louis

“What’s wrong pumpkin?” Louis asked as he held Harry’s hand

“Hey,” Eleanor said

“Taylor is here and she made Leah run away,” Harry answered

“Oh you too Danielle also did that to Beth and Liam,” Louis replied

“Who invited them?” Eleanor questioned

“No one they came uninvited,” Louis said shaking his head

“Don’t worry Harry Leah is not gonna be mad at you,” Eleanor assured him

“How can you be so sure?” Harry questioned sadly

“You and Liam asked me the same question......I am a girl I know these things at least give me some benefit,” Eleanor replied

“Okay,” Harry said with a slight smile 

Leah’s room

‘Why does life have to be so unfair?’ Leah thought to herself as she cried and got dressed for bed

‘What did I do wrong?’ Leah sighed as she got under her covers and cried herself to sleep....


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