Maids for One Direction

“Um my name is Leah and me and my friend saw your ad in the paper stating that you need maids so we wanted to know if the job was still available?” Leah asked
“Um Yes it’s more than available,” Simon said with relief in his voice
Bethany and Leah are really close friends who came to and colledge in Britain and end up being maids for the biggest boy band in the world!!!


8. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“Wakey wakey,” Leah screamed as she jumped on Liam’s bed

“Go away man I am not a morning person,” Liam growled

“Okay okay don’t get your knickers in a knot,” Leah said as she got of the bed and went to find other victims

“The ice-cream truck is here,” Leah screamed and she jumped in Niall’s bed

“really really where?” Niall sat as he jerked up to a sitting positon

“Just kidding,” Leah said as she left the room

“I am gonna get you for this,” Niall whined

“Zayn I broke your mirror,” Leah said as she jumped on him

“You did what now,” Zayn said as he woke up in shock

“I am so sorry......and and and I’m kidding,” Leah laughed as Zayn threw a pillow at her

“Louis I was cleaning and I dropped bleach on your favorite stripped shirt,” Leah screamed jumping on him

“You did what?” Louis asked as he grabbed Leah’s neck

“I am so sorry....I didn’t mean to....coz’ I didn’t,” Leah said laughing

“Leah you are an idiot,” Louis laughed

“That’s why i am lovable,” Leah laughed and walked out the door

“Wake up wake up you idiot,” Leah said shaking Harry by the shoulder. Then she pulled the sheet of him

“Flashing,” Leah gasped and she covered her eyes. Harry pushed her down and hovered over her.

“You can open you eyes now,” Harry said laughing

“Eekk this picture is worst than the other one,” Leah said playfully

“When you ruin Harry’s beauty sleep or ‘try’ to prank him you get pranked,” Harry said in his sexy morning voice (Wait what am I thinking)

“Yeah I was pranked by getting traumitized...for life,” Leah said

“Oh whatever,” Harry said hitting Leah with a pillow and she hit him back and got out off under him

“Im gonna get you for this Rosely,” harry laughed

“Oh yeah you can try if you wanna but you gonna waste your time I am the world’s biggest prankster,” Leah said as she left the room.

“Liam you went back to sleep,” Leah said shocked

“Yeah and leave me alone,” He groaned as Leah started jumping on the bed

“Wake up,” Leah screamed and hit her leg causing her fall down.

“Ouch,” Leah said “All i wanted you to do was go and wake up Beth but it’s fine,” Leah screamed

“Urg fine,” Liam said getting out of the covers

“What is it with you boys do your’ll like being naked or something?” Leah said as she saw that Liam didn’t have a shirt on

“I guess you saw Harry eh,” Liam said laughing

“Tramatisation,” Leah groaned

“Bethany wake up,” Liam said as he tickeled her

“Urg get out you idiot,” Bethany said kicking him

“Ouch looks like you also not a morning person,” Liam groaned

“Get out,” Bethany said as she lifted her head and saw Liam....Shirtless

“Woo babey me likey,” Beth said looking at Liam’s six pack

“You not tired now are you,” Liam asked

“I am gonna make us Breakfast,” Leah said

“Kay i’ll see you downstairs,” Liam said

“Just pretend I didn’t say anything,” Bethany said blushing causing Liam to laugh

“Don’t worry it’s fine,” Liam said causing Beth to blush more

“You make me feel like I’ve been locked out of heaven for too lo-o-ong for too lo-o-ong,” Leah sang as she prepared the batter for the pancakes. Then she saw someone try to dig the batter

“No Niall you can’t have it until it’s done,” Leah said

“How how did you know it was me?” Niall asked

“I sensed your presense,” Leah replied

“You have a nice voice and what a song to sing,” Harry said as he leaned against the door frame...Shirtless and wooo those abs

“Thanks,” Leah said blushing

“I didn’t know anyone was here,” Leah said

“Well to bad I smelt thoses wonderful pancake and wowee they smell good,” Louis said coming into the kitchen while Leah was frying the pancakes

“Yeah it woke me up from my beauty sleep,” Zayn said

“Thanks guys,” Leah said laughing

“Where’s Liam and Bethany?” Harry asked as he came and sat down at the table

“Um they having a ‘moment’ in the room,” Leah said making everyone laugh

“So you like my six pack eh?” Liam asked making Beth blush

“No of course not I don’t why do you ask such?.....anyways that smells good woo let’s go for breakfast,” Beth said as she tried to avoid convo

“Um smells good,” Bethany screamed as she ran down the stairs towards the kitchen.

“Okay sit down I am almost done making them,” Leah said ushering Bethany to the empty seat.

“Yum,” Liam said as he went and took a seat next to Beth

“Wait man Niall sit down,” Leah said as Niall tried to grab a pancake

“There it’s done,” Leah said as she served the pancakes to everyone

“Voila,” Leah said as she sprinkled syrup onto the pancakes

“This is delicious,” Harry said with a wink

 “Thanks,” Leah said with a smile

“Oh Okay everybody stand together for a pic,” Leah said

“I didn’t do my hair as yet so yeah,” Bethany said

“Drama queen…Okay say pancakes,” Leah said

“Pancakes,” The boys screamed

(Note that Liam’s hair is cut refer to pic on top!!!)

“I am Posting this on Twitter,” Leah said smiling

The boys eating their hearts out was the headline of the picture on twitter

“We look awesome,” Zayn said looking at the picture on twitter

“Yeah I agree,” Niall agreed

“Yep I should be a photographer,” Leah exclaimed

“Whahahaha You a photographer,” Bethany fake laughed

“You don’t want me to take out a picture of you,” Leah threatened

“NOOOOO,” Bethany screamed and ran upstairs

“Yeah I am gonna go shower also coz’ I have to go grocery shopping,” Leah said smiling

“Yeah,” Niall said happily

“Are you guys going anywhere today?” Leah asked them.

“Nope, we decided to stay home and invite some people over… two people actually,” Louis said glaring and Liam and Harry.

‘What’s their problem?’ Leah thought

“Okay, see ya in a few!” Leah said smiling at them.

After Leah and Bethany showered they had this on.

Bethany:                     Leah:

 “Okay we are off!” Leah said

“Tye tye will see ya later

“Um Leah can you please buy me some Milky Way Crispy Rolls?” Harry asked

“Yeah sure,” Bethany and Leah said with a smile

At the shop Leah and Bethany just ran around just grabbing anything they saw. Leah smiled when she grabbed a box of Milky Way crispy rolls and Beth smiled when she grabbed packs of  carrots. When they reached the till the lady looked at them in shock at how much of food they buying. They gave her the card and walked with a lot of packets. When people saw them suffering they went and helped the girls. They stumbled to a taxi and drove off back home. When they reached the house Niall, Zayn and Louis ran forward to help the girls with the loads of packets.

“I think I tore mah back muscles,” Bethany groaned

“Thanks so much,” the boys told the girls

“You welcome,” Leah said

“Where’s Harry and Liam?” Leah asked them

“um they are in the house,” Niall said

“kay lets go leave this in the kitchen,” Beth said

When the girls went  inside they saw the worst site ever….Bethany felt her heart break into a million pieces Bethany squeezed the packets I her hand.

“Breathe Bethany breathe,” Leah said she left the packets on the table

“How dare Liam make out with another girl on the sofa?” Bethany growled

“I am gonna go and give Harry his stuff,” Leah said as she walked happily up the stairs.

She went to Harry’s door and opened the door what she saw broke her heart. She saw Harry with another girl making out on his bed. She dropped the box of Milky Way Crispy Rolls causing them to look up. When they looked up Leah ran away back downstairs.

‘Why did she look so hurt and shocked’ Harry thought as His mysterious girl was trying to get his attention again.

“I just saw the most traumatizing thing in my life,” Leah said

“Really what was it,” Bethany said glaring at Liam and Danielle

“Well it was just Harry making out with this blonde chick,” Leah said as she hung her head

“That asshole I am so sorry Leah,” Bethany said as she patted Leah’s back

“It’s cool,” Leah said as she stared at Liam and Danielle

“SO who’s the chick?” Leah asked Bethany

“Danielle Liam’s so called ex but now they are back together as you see,” Bethany growled

“Okay what we gonna do bout it?” Leah asked

“We should go and clean the lounge,” Bethany said as she ran her tongue through her teeth.

“Yeah let’s,” Leah said with a smirk

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