Maids for One Direction

“Um my name is Leah and me and my friend saw your ad in the paper stating that you need maids so we wanted to know if the job was still available?” Leah asked
“Um Yes it’s more than available,” Simon said with relief in his voice
Bethany and Leah are really close friends who came to and colledge in Britain and end up being maids for the biggest boy band in the world!!!


7. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“So what happened up there,” Niall asked

“Harry bloody punched the wall,” Leah said glaring at Harry

“Why the hell will he do that?” Zayn asked

“Coz’ he is a bloody retard,” Leah huffed

“Oh Pumpkin are you okay?”Louis running up to Harry and giving him a hug

“I am fine it doesn’t concern you,” Leah mimicked Harry

“Why are you hating Harry today?” Zayn asked   

When Leah turned around to answer him she saw Bella on the screen and burst out laughing

“What are you laughing at?” Bethany asked

“t....T...Tv....TV,” Leah managed to say. Bethany looked at the T.V and burst out laughing

“What a beauty she is eh Harry,” Leah said as she and Bethany fell on the sofa clutching their stomachs

“I don’t get it,” Niall said

“Inside joke unless Harry wants to tell you about the love of his life,” Leah said as she got under the blankets

“Let’s just watch the movie ,” Harry growled

Liam and Harry went and sat in between Leah and Bethany separating them

Just then Taylor Lautner and Kellen Lutz come on the screen and Leah and Bethany starts screaming and wanted to hug each other so the decided to sit on Harry and Liam to hug and hit each other.

“Bethany you are blocking the view,” Liam said

“I like this view better,” Harry said

“Oh I am so sorry Harry Am I blocking you from watching poor little Bella......Fall down?” Leah said laughing and high fiving each other.

“Leah don’t block Harry from the love of his life,” Bethany said laughing

“I Am SO SORRY Harry,” Leah said getting off his lap.

“Hahaha very funny,” Harry huffed

“I know it is,” Leah squeaked as she dropped her popcorn bowl

“I’ll get it,” Bethany said bending down to get it

“Is that a tattoo I see,” Liam said as he saw a tattoo on Bethany’s back in between her back rings

“Uh and it’s a directioner sign,” Harry said

“Um it’s not,” Bethany lied

“It clearly shows,” Zayn said

“Um it’s not of you guys it’s the old One direction I loved them Uncharted Shores, ” Bethany said

“Oh name one song of their’s,” Niall said

“Umm that other one its goes lalala yeah you know what I mean,” Bethany stammered

“Sure we do,” Louis laughes

“OMG Bella and Edward is about to get down and dirty.....jealous much Harry eh eh?” Leah teased Harry changing the subject

“Shut up,” Harry growled

“Do you know that Rosalie and Emmet broke about 50 beds....Ar you jealous much Liam?” Beth asked

“You should be jealous Beth.Emmet is also part of it,” Liam smirked

“No coz’ I know I could have done better and broke 200 with him,” Bethany said winking

“I know and even though Jacob is not a vampire I would broke750 beds with him every night man,” Leah said giggling .

“Eww you disgust me,” Liam and Niall said

After the movie

“So do you guys have twitter?” Zayn asked

“Du-uh,” Leah said

“So what’s your names I’ll follow you,” Louis said

“Cough cough um um yeah,” Bethany squeaked

“Well mine is 1Dful_Leah and BTW Bethany named it,” Leah said looking at Bethany

“Don’t Lie I em never,” Beth lied

“A Directioner I see,” Niall said

“Me never, I love the wanted,”

“SO what’s your name beth,” Liam asked as Bethany started choking on her popcorn.

“Oh it’s Liams1Dcarrots,” Leah said smirking

“Really?” Liam and Louis said at the same time

“Well you see my friend she’s a beeg Directioner,” Bethany lied

“Oh you never told me that,” Leah said confused

“Shut up,” Beth whispered to Leah

“Kay whatever you say Bethany,” Louis said laughing

“SO do you girls have facebook?” Harry asked

“NO,” Bethany shouted

“Yes,” Leah said

“My name is Leah Nina Rosely,” Leah said (My real facebook name is Shanice Leah Reddy)

“Nina...Nice name,” Harry said

“Don’t you dare fucken call me that,” Leah threatened Harry as she grabbed him by the collar

“Okay okay take a chill pill,” Harry said

“And your’s Beth?” Liam asked

“Cough cough you know I am from South Africa We don’t have such...or I don’t have such,” Bethany said glaring at Leah

“Really how come the last time you told me your name was Bethany Paylinson Katrina Smith and I added you,” Leah said smirking

“Leah Nina Rosely I am swearing you in mah head and believe me it’s bad,” Bethany said fuming

“Paylinson and Liams1Dcarrots eh,” Liam said

“I smell a Directioner,” Louis said

“My friend from home uses my account and and and yeah,” Bethany stammered

“Oh really now,” Zayn asked

“Yeah really miss Directioner,” Niall said out of no where

“You know what you guys are making assumptions so I am gonna leave since i am so unwanted,” Bethany said waking up and walking all dramatically away.

I must say the walk was really dramatic and suited her perfectly until she tripped over Harry’s cat and fell

“Oops Sorry,” Bethany said waving her hand at the cat who now was behind Leah and carried walking away

“Naww little kitty are you okay?” Leah asked as she picked the cat up

“And you don’t even ask if I am okay,” Bethany said shocked and walked up the stairs. As for Leah the boys just looked at her coz’ they were bored. After half an hour

“It’s so sad that Jack died,” Leah said all of a sudden

“JACK! Come back,” Bethany shouted popping out of nowhere and everyone just stared at her.

“What I went to the bathroom and when I was washing my hand the water intimidated me and I got thirsty,” Bethany said

“Seriously Beth,” Leah said taking the water from her hands and drinking it

“Hey that was my water you idiot, give it to me,” Bethany shouted

“There’s a lot of water in the tap,” Leah said as she put the glass down

“Speak for yourself,” Bethany mumbled

“I am hungry,” Niall said out of nowhere

“Oh Niall go and eat then,” Leah said laughing

“Oh that reminds me,” Niall said as he took a tub of ice-cream out of the fridge

“You girls need to go grocery shopping for us tomorrow,” Niall said as he took a spoonful of ice-cream and shoved it in his mouth causing Liam to whimper and duck behind Bethany

“Naw don’t worry Liam a spoon won’t kill you,” Bethany said with sympathy. “And does it look like I am your domestic worker Niall?” Bethany asked

“Now I know you are a Directioner coz’ you know I am afraid of spoons,” Liam whispered

“Yes you are my maid,” Niall said smiling

“Don’t worry Niall I will go and buy the stuff,” Leah said giving Bethany the stare

“Thanks Leah you are an angel,” Niall said giving Leah a spoonful of ice-cream causing Liam to hide his face in Bethany’s shirt

“I am showing you my tongue,” Bethany said showing Leah her tongue. “And Liam there’s something called Hollywood life it has all the secrets of celebrities.

“I check Hollywood life everyday and I never saw anything about spoons,” Leah said laughing

“You didn’t check properly,” Beth said glaring at Leah

“If looks could kill,” Leah said laughing as she hit Louis and Zayn for teasing Liam with spoons

‘Um this is my time to embarrass Beth’ Leah thought to herself. She took out her phone and called Bethany. She did this coz’ of Beth’s ringtone.

“Do you remember summer ’09, wanna go back like pressing rewind, you were mine and we never said goodbye. Bethany blushed as she took out her phone and looked at the screen.

“Leah I am going to kill you,” Bethany said lunging forward to tackle Leah

“Whoa looks like someone likes my solo of ‘Rock Me’, Liam said as he grabbed Bethany by the waist to stop her from tackling Leah

“I just took it coz’ it sounded sexy,” Bethany said as she clamped her hand on her mouth when she realized what she said.

“I am so sorry Beth I meant to call Brandon and your name was under his,” Leah said smirking

“Who’s Brandon?” Harry asked

“Her boyfriend,” Beth said as she smirked this time

“Boyfriend,” Harry growled

“What’s with the growling Harry?” Louis asked as he stroked Harry’s cheek causing everyone to laugh

“Nothing had something in my throat,” Harry lied as he kissed Louis cheek

“Ewwww you disgust me,” Bethany said

“Agh people of today,” Leah said laughing

“Beth I always say you disgust me like that,” Liam said

“Well it’s a co-incidence,” Bethany clicked

“SO Leah since you wanted to call Brandon you can now,” Harry said

“Yeah Leah he said you must call him when he kissed you and said he loved you and he’s coming to visit you...,” Beth got cut off when Leah kicked her when no one was looking.

“Why did you kick me Leah? Are you afraid that Harry will see you dating someone?” Bethany smirked as Leah glared at her

“Why should I care what this douche-bag thinks,” Leah said taking out her phone to show them a point

“Well go ahead,” Bethany urged

“I will do exactly that,” Leah said as she called Brandon

“Hello Leah I was thinking when you will call,” Brandon said from the other end making Leah want to smash him

“Hey BABEY,” Leah said putting on a fake smile and looking at Beth and the boys and Beth was standing their smiling to herself

“Looks like someone came to their senses and wants me again,” Brandon said and Leah could hear the smirk in his voice

“Yeah I miss you too,” Leah said as she walked into the lounge only to have them follow her.

“Brandon baby can you call me back I am busy now,” Leah said cutting the call without anyone seeing and acted like he was still talking

“Yeah I love you too,” Leah said to herself pretending to talk to Brandon

“You see I phoned him,” Leah bragged.

“Yeah I see you and your boyfriend seem very happy,” Harry said angrily causing Leah to look all weirdly at him

“Hazza why are you so angry,” Niall asked

“Coz’ she’s a bloody maid and she’s here talking to her boyfriend she is supposed to be sleeping to be able to wake early and fucken clean,” Harry said going red with anger

“Then why are you only directing it to her,” Zayn said as he went and put his arm around Leah’s shoulders when he saw her shake with fear.

“Coz’ Bethany is not talking to her boyfriend,” Harry answered shaking with anger

“Hey when did I come into this convo and how does Boyfriends have anything to do with cleaning?” Bethany asked

“Coz’ you ‘MAIDS’ should be sleeping your job is to clean not bloody stand around like hookers,” Harry screamed at Leah when Bethany asked the question.

“Oh no you didn’t just coz’ we ‘MAIDS’ doesn’t mean that we don’t have lives ‘you guys’ are the ones who said that we should stay here,” Bethany shouted

“Bethany drop it,” Leah whispered shaking

“No Leah shut up once we get paid for this job we will leave,” Bethany said calmly

“Shut up Leah if Bethany wants talk let her like what’s your problem,” Harry screamed causing Leah to whimper and shake even more in fear.

“I never said anything,” Leah whispered

“Harry calm down mate,” Zayn said

“Yeah we need these girls more than anything,” Liam said as Louis tried to calm Harry down

“We need one person Bethany can stay and Leah should leave,” Harry shouted at Leah causing her to wince

“Oh shut the fuck up Harry Let’s go Leah,” Beth said as she pulled Leah up the stairs

“Mate what’s your problem,” Louis shouted at Harry causing Harry to calm down since Louis never shouted at him

“Really how is 1 person gonna clean this house it won’t be right without Leah together they cleaned this house better than anyone,” Niall said for the first time not having food with him

“We will see you tomorrow,” Liam said as he and the boys went upstairs

‘What have I done’ Harry thought to himself when he was all alone


“What did I do wrong, didn’t I clean this house right, Is it coz’ i am from South Africa,” Leah cried while Beth sat there trying to unsuccessfully comfort her. Just then she managed to hear footsteps in the room over Leah’s weeps

‘I don’t know what to do’ Bethany mouthed to the boys that were now in the room.

“Um Leah don’t worry you didn’t do anything wrong,” Louis said causing Leah to jerk her head up coz’ she didn’t know that the boys were in

“Leah don’t worry he’s he’s he’s just tired,” Niall said giving Leah a hug

“yeah,” Bethany said and everyone just stared at him

“Tired mah foot what tired he wasn’t tired when he was swearing and screaming at everyone now my friend is here crying.....hold mah earings hell no nobody does that to my friend and gets away,” Bethany said as she took out her jewellery

“Bethany please sit down and shut up,” Leah said feeling a little better with the boys comforts

“I can kick his ass myself,” Leah said waking up

“High five sista,” Bethany said high fiving Leah

“Beth hold mah shit,” Leah said taking out her jewellery and throwing it at Beth

As she was stomping out of the room Zayn tackled her by the waist causing her fall

While downstairs Harry was all depressed and when he heard the thump from upstairs he woke up off the sofa and very slowly made his way upstairs

“Listen to me,” Zayn said pinning Leah to the ground while Beth was cheering for Leah

“You gonna b-e-a-t, beat them, you gonna b-u-s-t, bust them, you gonna beat them bust them throw them in the dustbin goooooooooooo Leah,” Bethany screamed like a retard causing them to laugh. “Hey Zayn, you ruined the whole dramatic effect!” she whined.

“Leah, why don’t you settle this in a more civilized manner,” Zayn said to Leah.

“Fine, I will not beat him up this time! But I do have some conditions...”

“Uh fine what is it?” Louis asked

“That one of these days we prank him,” Leah smirked

“But that’s my Hazza,” Louis said

“Or I could beat him up,” Leah said raising an eyebrow

“I like this idea better,” Beth said

“Fine,” louis laughed while Louis laughed they noticed Harry standing by the door and Leah smiled at him

‘This girl is really special coz’ i treated her like shit and here she is smiling at me’ Harry thought to himself

‘He must be thinking I am weird but he doen’t know what I have planned for him’ Leah thought to herself

“Okay I am really tired so I am going to sleep,” Bethany said as Leah yawned

“Yeah me too,” Leah said as she went under her blankets.

“Kay goodnight and don’t forget you have shopping to do tomorrow,” Niall said hugging us and leaving

“Nightie nightie,” Louis said giving us hugs and left

“Night chicks see you tomorrow,” Zayn said hugging us and left

“Night ladies sleep tight,” Liam said giving us hugs and Bethany was enjoying the smell of Liam she was literally sniffing him

“Night Leah night Liam,” Bethany said leaving the room and she glared at Harry who was still by the door

“Oh and Liam please switch off the light when you leave,” Leah said smiling. Liam switched off the light and left

“You look scary in the dark,” Leah said with a weird tone and face that Harry caused Harry to laugh

“Night Harry,” Leah said as she snuggled into her blankets

“Night,” harry whispered and left





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