Maids for One Direction

“Um my name is Leah and me and my friend saw your ad in the paper stating that you need maids so we wanted to know if the job was still available?” Leah asked
“Um Yes it’s more than available,” Simon said with relief in his voice
Bethany and Leah are really close friends who came to and colledge in Britain and end up being maids for the biggest boy band in the world!!!


6. chapter 4

Chapter 4

“Leave me alone I wanna go home,” Leah screamed as she tried to get out of Harry’s grasp

“Harry leave the gal alone she’ll come on her own,” Niall said making Harry leave Leah alone

“Hmmp,” Leah huffed as she stomped inside

“She’ll get over herself eventually don’t worry Harry and the rest of you,” Bethany whispered as she followed Leah inside.

“So what ya’ll got ta eat,” Leah drawled

“Anything you like,” Niall screamed as he threw a whole lot of food on the table

“I’m starting to like you,” Leah said smiling at Niall

“Hey Harry what’s your problem and why you staring at Niall and Leah like that?” Bethany asked

“Nothing,” Harry huffed

“Jealous much just joking,” Bethany said laughing

Leah was looking around for Bethany only to see her stuffing herself with food and talking to Harry. ‘Well someone’s enjoying themselves,’ Leah thought to herself smiling that Bethany was happy.

“So Leah how do you think I should wear my hair this way or that way,” Zayn asked moving his hair different directions

“Um I think thata way,” Leah said laughing

“Thanks a bunch,” Zayn said as he grabbed a donut from the table.

“You welcome mirrors,” Bethany screamed from no where.

“Come you idiot I’m hungry,” Leah screamed getting into the mood of things.

“I’m coming I’m also hungry,” Bethany shouted

“Then come eat then you foolish girl,” Leah said laughing as Bethany came running in and jumping on her and the both of them screamed ‘FOOD’….The boys looked at them like they are mad.

“Whatya looking at nigga,” Bethany and Leah said standing up and taunting them

“You two are my new best friends,” Niall shouted running towards them and gave them bear hug.

“We love you too Nialler,” Bethany gasped

“Niall don’t kill them….let them eat first so they’ll die happy,” Louis screamed

“So where’s the food,” Leah asked

“Come on lets eat,” Niall said grabbing Bethany and Leah’s hand and pulling them towards the table where they all sat down to eat

“So…. How’s life treating everyone?” Bethany said eating her food

“Um hungry,” Niall said “Oh and that reminds me you two have to go and… food tomorrow,” Niall shouted

“Niall let me tell you a secret….we right next to you,” Leah whispered causing everyone to crack up.

They finished eating and Leah and Bethany was getting bored well only Leah since Bethany is fine as long as she see’s Liam

“Um I am going to take a shower,” Leah said getting up

“Yeah me too,” Bethany said in a sickly sweet voice which made Leah suspicious

They walked up the stairs in silence until the turned in a corner and Bethany caught Leah by the neck and pushed her on wall

“How could you not tell me we are going to work for the ‘One Direction’,” Bethany whispered shouted.

“I didn’t know myself you the fan here not me,” Leah squeaked

“Um You girls okay,” Louis asked out of no where

“Um fine,” Bethany said dropping her hands form Leah’s neck

“Thanks,” Leah mouthed to Louis and he nodded his head

“I thought you girls won’t find your rooms so I came to show your’ll follow me,” Louis said in a suspicious voice.

“Wow,” Bethany exclaimed when she saw her room

“It’s gorgeous,” Bethany said

“Duh it’s One Direction’s house,” Leah said in obvious tone causing Louis to laugh

“See ya’ll,” Bethany said as she grabbed her stuff and walked into the bathroom.

“Now to show you your room madam,” Louis said as he walked Leah to her room

“Thanks Louis,” Leah said as she admired her room

“Welcome sweety,” Louis said

“Don’t’ let Harry hear you say that he’ll skin me,” Leah said laughing

“Or it he will skin me,” Louis said in a serious tone as he walked away

‘Okay what was that’ Leah thought as she grabbed her things and went to her bathroom.

An hour later

The boys looked Leah and Bethany like they was mad. The came down wearing this:




“What are you two wearing?” Zayn asked Leah and Beth

“Do you guys smoke crack or something?” Louis asked

“Uhm… clothes!” Leah says rolling her eyes at him

“Um Bethany They just found out we smoke crack,” Leah whispered shouted.

“You know when you are hookers you have to smoke crack and stuff,” Leah said

“You are an hooker…..I’ll be calling you a lot then,” Harry said with a wink

“Yeah I am from South Africa so I smoke crack, I am an hooker, I don’t know what Google is, I don’t have Facebook or Twitter, I have HIV, I don’t have an education and I am full of diseases,” Leah said sarcastically

“I told you so I win the bet where’s my money,” Louis said

“IDIOT I AM THE OPPOSITE OF ALL THAT…People think that if you come from South Africa all those are true it’s not,” Leah screamed

“Sorry Louis I win,” Zayn said with a smirk

Louis sighed and gave Zayn money

“So why are you dressed like that,” Niall asked

“Well you see Normally in South Africa this time of the year is really hot so yeah,” Leah said

“Yeah but we are in the middle of winter!” Zayn says snuggling more into the blankets that they were under. The boys were all in warm clothes and thick night gowns under thick blankets.

“You guys are such drama queens!” Beth said shaking her head at them.

“Yeah and I thought Beth was bad,” Leah said as Beth scowled at her

“Whatever, whatcha doing?” Beth said as she and Leah took a seat in between Harry and Liam.

“We are deciding on a movie to watch, maybe one of you could help,” Niall said.

“Ohhhh, Titanic!” Leah screamed

“Jack!!!” Leah and Beth screamed together. The boys looked at us weirdly.

“What about Jack?” Harry asked

“He is beautiful, that’s what!” Leah said smiling thoughtful

“Titanic it is then!” Liam said putting the disk into the DVD player.


2 hours and 30 minutes into the movie

“Ohmigosh, it’s about to sink, all the people are gonna die!” Bethany cried

“Leave all the people, Jack is gonna die!” Leah cried.

Bethany and Leah sat there crying as the ship was about to sink with the whole background “My Heart Will Go On” music playing… which made it sadder. All of a sudden we hear a whimper, we all turn to look at Harry.

“What? It’s so sad!” Harry said causing Leah and Bethany to ‘really’ cry. When Bethany and Leah started crying badly Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall started crying.

“You guys are such kids,” Leah weeped

“You girls made us cry,” Zayn said

“At least Kellen Lutz never die in Twilight,” Bethany weeped

“Yeah and at least my other hubby Taylor Lautner never die,” Leah cried

“Do you know Taylor Lautner went out with Taylor Swift?” Bethany said

“Yeah that bloody shit dated him…she breaks up with everyone,” Leah said

“I can’t even count how many break up songs she wrote,” Beth said laughing

“Yeah I wonder who’s next,” Leah said laughing back

“Why is everybody looking at Harry,”  Leah asked

“Um because he thinks you guys are weird,” Liam said

“That’s why you love us,” Beth said

“Leonardo De Caprio is so sexy if he was here right now I think I would rape him here and now,” Leah said smiling

“Yeah I will join you we could have a threesome,” Beth said as Leah high fived her

Then everyone heard a crunching sound and looked at Harry who was smashing the popcorn in his hand.

“Liam bathroom now,” Harry growled

“What’s your problem,” Leah asked looking at him weirdly as he and Liam walked up the stairs to the bathroom.

“Leah doesn’t like me,” Harry whimpered

“Harry are you forgetting something and besides they are our maids,” Liam said

“Yeah but don’t act like you don’t like Bethany,” Harry said raising his eyebrow.

“Shut up Harry,” Liam growled

“Ugh,” Harry moaned as he punched the wall


“What was that?” Leah asked as she heard the bang from upstairs

“Do you think they are fighting? Let’s go see maybe we will get to see some shirts getting ripped off,” Bethany said

“Yeah,” Leah said as they jumped off the sofa and ran upstairs

“Aw man no shirts were ripped as yet,” Bethany said as she ran into the bathroom

“What was that noise,” Leah asked as a mark on the wall caught her eye

Liam saw where her eyes went and pointed at Harry as Harry glared at him.

“Oh Harry are you okay,” Leah asked as she ran up to him and took his hand to see if he got hurt.

“Your hand is so red,” Leah gasped “What the hell were you thinking?” Leah screamed at him

“I am fine it doesn’t concern you Leah,” Harry shouted at her making her wince

“Fine then be like that,” Leah said as she threw his hand down and it fell to his side.

“Let’s go we gonna be watching Breaking Dawn Part 1,” Leah huffed as she walked back to Beth’s side.

“Kellen Lutz is so hot,” Beth gasped

“Taylor Lautner is so fuckable,” Leah screeched getting into Beth’s mood

“Um Rosalie is so beautiful isn’t she Harry?” Liam said

“Naw I think Bella is fucken gorgeous,” Harry said

Leah and Bethany just stared at Harry like he was psycho, they then burst out laughing and started clutching their stomachs and rolling on the floor.

“What’s happening why are you guys laughing?”  Harry said looking all confused

“Seriously..Bella?” Liam said also starting to laugh

“Let’s go Harry you are fucken funny,” Leah managed to say through her laughs. They were laughing so hard that tears were coming out.

“Come on,” Bethany laughed as she and Leah walked down the stairs and Liam and Harry followed

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