Maids for One Direction

“Um my name is Leah and me and my friend saw your ad in the paper stating that you need maids so we wanted to know if the job was still available?” Leah asked
“Um Yes it’s more than available,” Simon said with relief in his voice
Bethany and Leah are really close friends who came to and colledge in Britain and end up being maids for the biggest boy band in the world!!!


5. chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Knock knock,” Leah said as she knocked on Bethany’s door

“Come in if you had a bath,” Bethany said with a laugh

Bethany opened the door to see Leah walked away

“Leah where are you going?” Bethany asked confused

“You said I can only come in if I had a bath,” Leah said with a fake sad look on her face

“Oh okay I’ll see you then,” Bethany said as she caught up to Leah’s joke

“Babe you look totally cute in that outfit,” Leah said as she saw Bethany was in her maid outfit

“OMG you look absolutely hawt in it,” Beth said giving me a hug

“We should get going we don’t wanna be late on our first day or do we,” Leah asked

“Of course not,” Bethany said with a smile

Bethany and Leah finally got a taxi and went in a few guys tried hitting on them but they ignored them. They got off to see a mansion x10 in front of them.

“We not fucken working there it’s the shack next to it right,” Bethany said

“The address says we should come here,” Leah said in confusion and shock at the same time. Just then they saw a man in black shades walk towards them

“Hey Leah hey Bethany thanks so much for coming and you are half an hour early impressive,”  Simon said with a satisfied grin

“Um thanks so are we really working here?” Leah asked unsure

“Yep and thank God the boys are out and I need to go meet them so you will be alone and the boys will be back in about three hours….is that fine ladies?” Simon asked

“Um perfecto,” Bethany said

“Bye see your’ll later,” Simon said with a warm smile “And by the way nice outfit so be careful of the boys,” Simon said laughing

“Um thanks for the warning I guess,” Leah said looking like a mad duck

They just stared as Simon gave them the keys, walked to his freaken awesome car and drove away into the distance.

“I hope they hunk-a-chunks….maybe I’ll flirt with one….or two of them,” Bethany said with a evil smile

“You hope all boys are hunk-a-chunks,” Leah said shaking her head.

“Let’s go and start cleaning,” Leah said

Bethany and Leah opened the door and gawped like retards the house was……. TERRIBLE. It was the worst state you will ever find a mansion in. They were starting to think the boys were 2 year olds….Sorry Bethany.

“How are we gonna clean this,” Bethany screamed as she picked up an apple core.

“We have to we need the money,” Leah said sighing and picked up an sock

“I’m gonna clean the kitchen and you do the living room,” Leah said as she found the kitchen

“Sounds like a plan….Let’s clean this mother fucker,” Bethany screamed as she threw a whole lot of junk into the bin.

Two hours later

“I think I broke my back bending so much,” Bethany groaned

“Well done sister,” Leah said as she high fived Beth

“Let’s go start with the upstairs,” Beth said as they walked up the stairs

They both looked at the rooms and went in different one’s Leah’s wasn’t as bad as Bethany’s so she got to clean two while Bethany was finished with the first and was waiting for her.

“Finally you done only two more to go,” Bethany said

“Yep meet you in another 7 hours or so,” Leah said

“Stop over-exaggerating,” Bethany said

As Leah and Bethany was cleaning They heard a lot of noise and Bethany screamed when she saw some standing by the door way of the room she was cleaning

“Hey there,” That guy said in an awesome British accent

Bethany almost died when she saw who it was but had to hold herself together….it was LIAM PAYNE, LIAM FUCKING PAYNE

“Um um can ii help you,” Beth stammered

“Nope just that this is my room,” Liam said

“You live like a pig,” Beth mumbled

“Sorry I never get that,” Liam asked

“Nothing just asked If I must go,” Bethany said with a fake smile

“No no carry on it’s your job after all,” Liam said smiling


Leah dropped her broom when she saw a figure standing by the door and her hand shot up to her heart in shock and her mouth opened to scream but she realised that it was just….HARRY STYLES?

“Oh I’m so sorry for startling you are you okay?” Harry asked in his deep British accent

 “No Yeah I’m fine I think,” Leah said as she waited for the heart to slow down before she bent down and picked up the broom and carried on sweeping. She eyed Harry as he walked around her and  sat on the bed.

“I just made that since you can’t do it yourself,” Leah said in anger

“Sorry I never get your name,” Harry laughed in his husky voice

“I don’t wanna tell you,” Leah said as she gave his a stare

“You have to you are my maid after all,” Harry said as she laughed humourlessly

“Leah Nina Rosely there you happy,” Leah said with a roll of her eyes

“Nice name my name is….” Harry said as he got cut off

“I know who you bloody are,” Leah said in irritation and carried on sweeping


Bethany eyed Liam trying not to fangirl as he went and sat on the bed. She just finished sweeping and wanted to make the bed.

“Excuse you mister but I need to make the bed,” Bethany said nearly forgetting that it’s Liam Payne she talking

“Make then no ones stopping you from doing it,” Liam said with a smirk

“Okay then have it your way,” Bethany said with a sickly sweet smile and she jumped onto the bed and pulled the sheet that Liam was sitting on. Since he never moved she jerked the sheet and Liam and the sheet fell on to the floor. Bethany made the bed and sorted the pillows out only to see Liam still sitting on the floor with the sheet still over him she needed to make the bed and go home.

“Can I please have that,” Bethany said

Liam never said anything so she grabbed the top of the sheet and pulled without success so she held the top of the sheet and kicked Liam off it and made the bed.

“Mission accomplished,” Bethany said as she did a victory dance

“Well done I never thought you could pull it off,” Liam said as he clapped his hands.

“Whatever,” Bethany said as she heard music coming from the other room

Leah’s P.O.V

“Harry pumpkin where are you,” Someone screamed from down stairs

“Coming Boo Bear,” Harry said walking toward the door

“I’ll be back sweety,” Harry said looking at me

“Just get out,” I said glaring at him

As I was dusting his stand and radio and all of a sudden One Way Or Another started blasting from the speakers causing me to drop my duster. I pushed and pressed buttons trying to put it off and finally I found it. Just then I heard that annoying husky voice

“What are you up to,” Harry said from behind me

I turned around in shock and gave him a really fake smile

“Nothing nothing at all,” I said

“Party without me,” Bethany screamed popping out of no where

“Shut up Beths we weren’t having a party,” I said as I tried to push past Harry. It didn’t work out gosh this guy is strong I thought to myself

“Hey is that Louis with another girl?” I said to distract and it worked so I pushed pass 

I then saw a beautiful kitten walk by

I gasped and picked it up “Aww hello there little kitty kitty,” I said

“I don’t understand how a party can be so short,” Bethany said in confusion

“It’s my cat by the way,” Harry said smirking

“Oh,” I said as I put the cat gently but quickly calling Bethany in the process

“Bethany stop having a catwalk and come,” I said in exasperation

“So where you going,” Harry said raising an eyebrow

“My hotel where bloody else,” I said in annoyance

“Oh good job on my room Leah and thanks I really appreciate it,” Harry said with a smile

“You welcome,” I said quickly

“Oh I get it cat-walk I’m walking and the cat here hahaha,” Bethany said laughing really hard

“Bethany it took you 5 hours to figure it out,” I said as Harry laughed at my seriousness

I grabbed Beths hand and walked down the stairs. We walked out the door and as soon as I closed the door Bethany fell into my arms fan girling I had to literally drag her

“You need to eat less you are heavy,” I told her gasping for air

“Hey where are you girls going?” Louis screamed running towards us

I let go of Bethany and she sat up rubbing her head and butt.

“The hotel where else,” Leah said smiling

“Little help please,” Bethany said extending the hand towards me. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up but ended falling on top of her

“A little help please,” Leah groaned as Harry and Liam ran to helped them

“Thanks,” We said in unison

After like a minute we let go of their hand and we rubbed awkwardly on our aprons

“You girls are not going anywhere didn’t Simon tell your’ll?” Zayn asked

“Tell us what?” I asked

“That you guys are gonna be staying with us,” Niall said with a mouthful of food.

“You must be the guy I was talking on the phone to and No he never tell us anything,” I said

I saw Bethany’s  eyes go big oh she was gonna kill me later

“wait firstly we don’t have clothes and secondly we paid money for our hotels,” Leah said in confusion

“Eleanor and Perrie brought your’lls clothes and we paid your hotel,” Zayn said proudly

“You did what now?” Bethany asked

“You didn’t have to do that,” Leah said shocked

“Well we did,” Louis said

“Stripes how could you?” Bethany asked

“How do you know I like stripes?” Louis asked

I saw it in your room pssh,” Bethany lied

“I was cleaning Louis room,” Leah said

“Um Liam you have a shirt like Louis how could you!” Bethany said trying to cover up for herself

“Aren’t you girls hungry?” Niall asked

“I’m starved,” Bethany said

“Come in then,” Niall said

 “I think I’ll go to a restaurant or something,” Leah said walking away

“Oh no you don’t,” Harry said as he dragged her inside.






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