Maids for One Direction

“Um my name is Leah and me and my friend saw your ad in the paper stating that you need maids so we wanted to know if the job was still available?” Leah asked
“Um Yes it’s more than available,” Simon said with relief in his voice
Bethany and Leah are really close friends who came to and colledge in Britain and end up being maids for the biggest boy band in the world!!!


13. Chapter 11

Chapter 11


“Well to bad,” Liam said as he looked at Harry and smirked

“Why are you smirking?” Leah asked and she finished her bottle of drink

“Yeah why?” Beth asked as she took a sip of her drink

“Coz’ of this,” Harry and Liam said as they took steps towards Leah and Beth

“Oh no you don’t,” Beth said as they realized too late what they were thinking

“Put us down,” Leah laughed as Harry ran into the cold water with her in his muscular arms

“Durban water is so much warmer,” Beth squealed and she clutched onto Liam

“Too bad,” Harry said as he dropped Leah into the deep water

“Idiot,” Leah gasped as she came up

“Liam don’t you dare drop me I can’t swim,” Beth moaned and she clutched harder onto Liam

“If you gonna clutch on me like this I don’t wanna,” Liam joked

“Of course you don’t,” Beth blushed as she rolled her eyes

“You look even better when you are wet,” Harry said as he pulled Leah closer by the waist

“Really,” Leah said battering her eyelashes at him “Too bad I can’t say the same about you,” Leah laughed as she put her hand on his chest (Oh that chest) and pushed him away

“That hurt,” Harry joked as her put his hand on his heart in fake agony

“Leah check this out,” Beth said as she did some weird water tricks

“That’s so cool,” Leah exclaimed clapping her hands as she was clapping her hands she felt something push in between her legs and she started to scream to look down as she Harry lift her up on his shoulders

“Harry what the fuck are you doing?” Leah screeched in panic

“Chillax Leah I am still alive,” Beth said and Leah looked up to see that she was on Liam’s shoulders

“Oh it’s like that now uh,” Leah said with a smirk “Harry charge,” Leah screamed as Harry walked over to Liam and Beth

“You really think you can push me off Liam?......Liam please hold me tight,” Beth said laughing

“Yes,” Leah said as Beth pushed her and she pushed back

“Let’s take them more deeper,” Liam instructed to Harry

“Why?” Beth asked

“So that if you fall you will get saved with the water,” Harry answered

“Oh that makes sense,” Leah said as she hit Harry with her leg “You have brains after all,” Leah added causing Beth to laugh

“Please don’t drop me,” Leah squealed as Harry walked more deep in

“You not that heavy you know although you could cut down on the eating,” Harry joked

“Uh really please put me down,” Leah said panicked

“I am joking calm down,” Harry said laughing

“Not funny,” Leah mumbled only to be pushed by Beth

“Hey,” She exclaimed and pushed back

After a while of pushing Beth and Leah pushed at the same time causing each other to fall and take Harry and Liam down one time

“That was so fun,” Beth screamed when she rose to the surface of the water

“Easy for you to say,” Liam faked groaned as he rubbed his shoulders

“No one asked you to pick me up.” Beth grumbled

“Hey I am kidding,” Liam said as he bear hugged Beth

“I’m too young to die,” Beth gasped

“Oh man you are such a drama queen,” Liam chuckled as he pushed Beth away

“I need a drink,” Leah said as she started treading towards the sand

“Oh no you don’t,” Harry said as he grabbed her by the waist

“Why it’s just a drink?” Leah questioned

“Coz’ the last time you drank remember what you did,” Harry said

“Yeah but now I am surrounded by people and I don’t have a blade,” Leah said rolling her eyes.

“You have a point but there are knives you know,” Harry said

“Fine you can come with me so I won’t be all suicidal,” Leah said annoyed

“Um let me think about it…okay,” Harry said as he let go of Leah’s waist

“Liam you really have to control your children,” Leah said

“He does have a point you know,” Liam answered

“Uh Liam I thought you were on my side,” Leah said and dramatically walked away

“So um yo?” Harry asked awkwardly

“Eh what?” Leah asked causing Harry to laugh at her facial expression

“Nothing,” Harry replied

“Don’t nothing me,” Leah said

“Oh gosh you are so difficult,” Harry said with a sigh

“That’s why you love me,” Leah joked and laughed

“Yeah you are right,” Harry said all serious

“Hey what’s with the seriousness?” Leah asked as she snatched a drink

“I was not serious,” Harry argued

“Don’t lie to me,” Leah said as she opened her drink and sipped it dramatically

“I am not lying,” Harry said

“Okay Styles I believe you…..not,” Leah said

“What is your problem?” Harry asked laughing

“You are my problem,” Leah said with a fake serious face

“I can be even more of a problem,” Harry said as he went and tickled Leah causing her to spill some of her drink onto the sand

“Stop,” Leah squealed and she tried to roll away from Harry since she collapsed on the floor from laughing

“Not until you say I love you Harry and you are the best person I have met,” Harry negotiated  

“N-oo-o,” Leah gasped as tears were coming out of her eyes now

“Then I won’t stop,” Harry said with a smirk

“Ff-iinn-ee I I Love yeww Harry aand you arree thee best person I I have met,” Leah gasped and said

“I know now even you admitted it,” Harry said all conceited

“What ever,” Leah said as she picked up her drink “Oh I forgot to add something in the sentence,” Leah said

“What did you leave out you said everything,” Harry said confused

“The ‘NOT’ in the end,” Leah said as she sprinted into the water

“Rosely I am gonna get you,” Harry laughed as he chased her

 “Liam help me,” Leah said as she ran behind Liam

“No leave her I am enjoying this,” Beth laughed

“Okay,” Liam said as he stepped away from her

“Sitcoms,” Beth said as she grabbed Leah’s drink to avoid it being spilt into the ocean

“Harry leave me alone,” Leah screamed as Harry threw her over his shoulder and walked deep into the ocean

“No,” Harry laughed

“Styles nooooo,” Leah screamed as he threw her (literally threw her) into the water

“Oh you evil idiot,” Leah said as she dived under the water and pulled Harry’s leg causing him to fall under the water

“Ha in your face,” Leah spluttered

“You caught me off guard,” Harry gasped

“Don’t cover up for your weakness,” Leah laughed causing Harry to carry her bridal style and dunk her.

“Keep talking and I will keep dunking,” Harry laughed

“Beth help me get away from this thing,” Leah gasped

“Nah I am enjoying this and your drink….Harry dunk her again,” Beth said

“One dunk coming up,” Harry said as Leah clung on him

“Leave me alone,” Leah spluttered

“No,” Harry said

“Please Harry,” Leah said trying to charm him

“Not working,” Harry laughed as he dunked her again

“Okay Harry you can leave her now,” Beth laughed

“Yeah who will clean our house if you kill her,” Liam joked

“Liam stop being a payne in the ass,” Leah said as she snatched her drink back from Beth

“That’s what I do best,” Liam said wiggling his butt

“Oh Gosh traumatisation,” Beth gasped

“Lol yeah,” Harry chirped in

“No one asked you,” Leah joked

“I know you wanna hear my voice,” Harry said with a wink

“Yeah if I was in Nightmare on Elm Street and if I fell asleep I would die then I would wanna listen to your voice,” Leah said

“Uh I don’t get it,” Beth said

“Idiot his voice is so annoying it will keep me awake,” Leah said

“I get it,” Liam said after a while

“You guys are so slow,” Leah said and sipped her drink

“No your jokes are just dry,” Beth said

“No they are not,” Leah argued

“Yes they are dry...drier than Savannah,” Beth said laughing at her statement

“I think she is hilarious,” Harry said as he came closer to Leah

“At least someone appreciates my humour,” Leah said as she drank the last bit out of her bottle

“Harry always appreciates everything you do...don’t you Harry?” Beth said as she nudged Harry causing Liam to laugh as she wiggled her eyebrows

“You people are weird....ahhh I am all out,” Leah said “I am going to leave the bottle,” Leah said as she started walking towards shore

“Wow what a responsible person even when you are never just toss the bottle into the sea,” Liam said happily

“I am not drunk,” Leah argued and as small wave hit her and she fell down

“I am gonna go with her to make sure she get there alive,” Harry said shaking his head

“”Oh someone’s trying to make a move,” Beth said giggling

“Oh Beth what are you saying?” Harry said as she walked towards Leah

“We all know you like Leah,” Beth said

“I can’t hear you,” harry lied “Leah are you okay?” Harry asked as he offered his hand to her

“I am fine,” Leah said as she grabbed hold of his hand and got up

“You are such a nut you know that,” Harry said laughing

“No I am not,” Leah disagreed as she walked onto the sand

“Don’t worry I mean it in a good way,” Harry said laughing at Leah’s seriousness

“Ouch the sand is so damn hot,” Leah whined as she hopped to not burn her feet

“Let me help you,” Harry said as she carried Leah bridal style

“See I told you those two were love birds,” Liam said laughing as he saw Harry carrying Leah

“Yeah I know that Leah has a thing for him even though she won’t admit it,” Beth sighed

“Why are you so sad eh?” Liam asked as he held Beth’s chin to look into her eyes

“Uh I am just worried that you and Harry might be sad,” Beth said sadly

“Naww Beth don’t worry about me it was my decision to make and she was getting quite annoying,” Liam said as he pulled her into a hug

“You sure?” Beth asked

“100 per cent,” Liam as he carried Beth causing her to laugh

“Harry you don’t have to carry me I can walk,” Leah said shyly

“I honestly don’t mind besides you are lighter than a feather,” Harry joked

“Don’t lie… are just too strong,” Leah said as she laid her head on Harry’s shoulder

“True…Why are we here anyways,” Harry asked

“Well um my drink was empty and it’s quite late now so I am getting quite hungry,” Leah said as her stomach grumbled

“Come on lets go and get you something to eat,” Harry said as he guided Leah towards the food basket

“You don’t have to waste your time with me I can get my own food if it’s a problem,” Leah said feeling guilty as Harry opened the food basket

“Niall why did you finish the food,” Harry shouted frustrated

“Hey unlike you I don’t have a girlfriend to hang out with so I hung out with the food,” Niall said smiling

“Hehe I am not his girlfriend Nialler,” Leah said blushing

“Yeah right,” he mumbled laughing

“Come on,” Harry said grabbing Leah’s hand

“Where are we going?” Leah asked

“To tell Liam and Beth that we have to go shopping,” Harry answered

“Oh yay,” Leah said happily

“Liam, Niall finished all the food so we have to find a close shop and buy something for us to eat. Come on let’s go,” Harry shouted to them

“I am not surprised,” Liam shouted as he grabbed Beth’s hand causing her to blush and they came to the shore

“Oh Leah I am happy to see that you are still alive,” Beth joked raising an eyebrow at Harry

“Alive but hungry,” Leah moaned causing them to laugh

“You know I have never seen a drunk person hungry,” Liam said

“That’s coz’ I am not drunk,” Leah said rolling her eyes

“Zayn, Louis we are going to get something to eat…Don’t get to romantic while I am gone. I don’t want anyone to get carried away,” Liam said winking

“Kay I will try not to get carried away, but I won’t promise anything,” Louis said

“I call shotgun,” Beth exclaimed running to the car

“BETH don’t you dare get into that car,” Liam threatened as he and Harry put their shirts on

“Why not?” Beth asked confused

“Liam hates a dirty car…soo we have to dry ourselves first,” Harry said opening the trunk of the car

“You people are so boring,” Leah said causing Harry to throw a towel at her

“Hey thanks Haz,” Leah said as he threw one and Liam and Beth and grabbed on for his self

“Okay I am dry now,” Beth said jumping into the car

“Okay let’s go get food,” Leah said as she sat and waited for Liam to start the car

“Excuse you Missy but you are not going anywhere looking like that,” Harry said gesturing to my body

“Same goes for you Beth,” Liam said

“What why?” Leah asked

“I don’t want people to see you walking around with bikinis,” Liam said

“Yeah I don’t want people to look at your bodies or else people will get ideas,” Harry added getting mad at the thought

“Okay then what do you expect us to wear?” Leah questioned

“Um take this,” Harry said as he took off his shirt exposing his sexy six pack

“Yeah you can wear our shirts,” Liam said handing his to Beth

“No I won’t take it,” Leah said crossing her arms

“And why not?” Harry said getting a bit mad

“Because I don’t want girls to look at your six pack and get ideas,” Leah said stubbornly

“Be like Beth and TAKE THE SHIRT,” Harry said

“Urg fine…just know I am forced to do this,” Leah said grumpily

*At the shop*

“Okay let’s find something nice to buy,” Liam said as he walked into the shop

“Oooo how about pies,” Leah said

“You honestly think we are going to need that less food,” Harry teased

“Um excuse me our names are Claudia and Selena…We work here and will assist you in anything you need,” They said fluttering their eyelashes at Harry and Liam causing Leah and Beth to get mad

“No we are fine thank you,” Beth said with acid in her voice

“Yeah we need you we will call you but I doubt we will,” Leah added in a sickly sweet voice as she grabbed Harry’s arm and pulled him to the drink section and Beth did the same to Liam

“I want a coke,” Leah said pouting

“Kay two cokes it is then,” Harry said grabbing two

“Make that four,” Beth said as she grabbed two trolleys

“I wanna explore this shop a little I have never been here before,” Leah said looking around

“Yeah me too….we will meet you boys back here kay,” Beth said as she grabbed Leah’s hand and they walked off together

“Hey there,” Someone called causing Beth and Leah to turn around

“Oh hey,” Leah answered when she saw two hot guys behind them

“Hi there,” Beth said winking at Leah

“My name is Jake,” One of the guys introduced

“And I am Austin,” The other guy introduced

“Hi Jake…Hi Austin…I am Leah,” Leah said shaking their hands

“And I am Beth,” Beth said shaking their hands

“What are two lovely girls doing here this late?” Austin asked

“Erm we were down at the beach with our friends and we got hungry so we came to get something to eat,” Leah replied

“Oh did you come alone?” Jake asked

“Of course we came alone,” Beth lied

“Oh cool here is our numbers,” Austin said handing them a piece of paper

“Oh and do you girls need a ride?” Jake asked

“Yeah sure please,” Leah said taking the numbers from their hands

“Um no they are fine,” Liam said as he pulled the paper from Beth’s hand

“Yeah we are their rides,” Harry said as he squashed Leah’s paper and threw it behind him

“HEY,” Leah exclaimed as she went and picked up the paper as Beth pulled her’s back from Liam

“Where did you come from?” Jake asked as he looked at Beth

“Well we came with little miss Beth and Leah over here,” Liam said as he moved closer to Beth

“No you didn’t why you lying,” Beth said with a fake suprised face

“OMF are you stalking us?” Leah said as she took a step back for Harry and towards Austin

“Leah don’t make me mad,” Harry said getting angry

“Harry you have gotta control your temper,” Leah said as she walked over to Austin’s side and Austin put his arm around her waist

“Yeah I am going home with Jakey tonight,” Beth said as she went by Jake and he pulled her close.

“Grrr I am gonna kill these guys,” Harry mumbled to Liam

“Harry mate calm down remember our deal, They are our ‘girlfriends’, Liam said

“Liam these girls are out of control you think that will stop them?” Harry questioned raising his eyebrow

“Let us try well for you to know they are our girlfriends,” Liam said looking at Beth

“WHAAAT? Since when?” Beth asked

“Remember the beach Leah?” Harry asked frustrated

“Ummm yeah totally.....I have no idea what you are talking about,” Leah said

“See I told you Liam these girls are....mentally unstable,” Harry said

“You guys have a imagination for the whole of Africa,” Beth said

“Yeah I am mentally unstable that’s why you think I am your girlfriend right?” Leah said pointing at Harry

“True story,” Beth said as she high fived Leah

“Let’s go Austin,” Leah said as she grabbed Austin’s hand causing him to smile

“Nawww cute smile Austin....Come on Jakey,” Beth said as she held Jake’s hand and walked after Leah

Harry and Liam got really angry when Austin and Jake whispered something in their ears causing them to blush and giggle. When Austin spanked Leah on her butt, causing Harry to go red in the face and caused Liam to gasp.

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