Lanna Park is Adrian Melbourne's life. Now that she is gone, how will Adrian face everything considering that Lanna is his only way in living? How is Adrian face when one day a so called reincarnation of Lanna Park arrives as Kelsea Park? Face it.


2. TWO

          A year had passed since I've lost her but adjustments haven't found their way towards me. Anyhow, I decided to go to Lanna's apartment. 

          "Adrian," He greeted in his faint smile. "It's been a while. How you been doing?"

          "Fine." I replied. "How's been things doing on you, too?" 

          "Fine as well." He took a deep breath as he started in a door just in the corner. It was once Lanna's room. I've been there a thousand times and thousand memories. 

          "Uhm..." I started.

          "By the way, I'm sorry I called you. There's something I want to tell you or rather give you," He said as he handed me a notebook. I haven't recognized it. He might have seen the questioning look in my face that he smiled. "This is her's." Since that day, I haven't been reciting her name that she was often regarded as she

          I took the notebook greedily. It is a diary and I cant fathom how on earth I never knew anything about this. With my hands I held the little piles of paper and shifted back my gaze to her dad. 

         After a while I started to leave and bid farewells to the family I once dreamed to be my in laws. 

        "Take care of that, that's all the truth we have." Those were Mr. Park's last words before I left.  


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