Lanna Park is Adrian Melbourne's life. Now that she is gone, how will Adrian face everything considering that Lanna is his only way in living? How is Adrian face when one day a so called reincarnation of Lanna Park arrives as Kelsea Park? Face it.


1. ONE

           I can still clearly remember the first time I met her. I was being chased by a bulldog that I ran so fast and bumped a girl in her polka dress that we rolled on the green grasses of the only Kiddie Park in our Community.  At first it scared the hell out of me when she glared until in an instant she started laughing as she points at my face.    

          "Hey, why are you laughing?" I demanded.

          She chuckled and raised her hands mid air towards me. "Lanna Park," she said. Maybe seeing the hesitation in me, she grabbed my hands and shook it. "You?"

          "A...Ad-Adrian. Adrian Melbourne." I stammered. And little did I know she will be the girl who will change my life.

          Lanna Park. I cursed under my breath as I bring back my thoughts to reality. That was ten years ago. That little Lanna Park who had been six years old when I first met her. That same girl I had dedicated my whole years to be with. That same girl I had loved in my life. That same girl who had made my heart beating like a drum even in that young age. That same girl who made me look forward for the future. That same girl ... And that same girl who is lying in front of me under these massive hold of soil. That same girl I will never see again. 

          Lanna Park. I repeated but I got no response.  Stupid. She will never reply. I will never see those captivating green eyes and that smile that mesmerizes me. She's gone. When will I ever see that?

         I stared on the grave in front of me with the letters R.I.P. Lanna Park legibly written cursively. Oh God, I missed her. I took a deep breath and stared at the sky. This is what Lanna loves to do, something that I had followed her. Some says that if you look at the sky, it is because you feel lost. She once told me. I should've believed her. 

         "Adrian," A familiar voice startled me as he puts a hand on my right shoulder. "Let's go."

         I didn't turn. 

         "It's going to rain any sooner. She's happy with the Lord." 

         I looked at him and returned my attention back to Lanna's grave. "I can't leave her," I managed in a croak. The first words I ever said to anyone since her death. 

         "We will wait in the car, don't take so long," He replied. Just then it stated to drizzle just as it hit my face my tears fell. Again, the first tears that left my eyes. The pain crowding in me grew.

        How long I stayed standing, that I dont know. I just stayed with her in the pouring rain... I will stay with her, and maybe, just maybe she will come back. I believe she will come back to me.  














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