Lanna Park is Adrian Melbourne's life. Now that she is gone, how will Adrian face everything considering that Lanna is his only way in living? How is Adrian face when one day a so called reincarnation of Lanna Park arrives as Kelsea Park? Face it.



      My Adrian. 

      Startled by the call, I woke up and hurriedly changed my clothes for school. Two Years. Its been two years since she left. 

     Upon arriving to school, Roy welcomed me on the entrance as I tap my uniform. 

     "Hey," He shouted. "Bro, I have a surprise for you"

     "What?" I asked. "I'm too busy for some"

     "Nah," Roy replied as he punched lightly on my shoulder and said, "That ain't good, bro." Again Roy punched my other shoulder and pulled my towards another hall and whispers,"You missed her eh? You've gotta see someone." 

     "No time." I responded, turning back to the direction we left. "Since the time she left..."

     "Er... who left?"



     "I said HER."

     "I asked WHO." 

     Just then a pair of hands embraced me from behind and I can barely breathe. 


     "Who are you?" I demanded. "Please let go."

      She faced me and planted a kiss on my cheeks. With a teasing look she asked, "Its me." I can no longer manage to say a word. "Its me, your Lanna Park. I miss you!"

      My world turned. And turned. And turned. 

      "I thought the rehab cured you." She bit her lips and gathered me in a hug. 

      "What did you say?" I questioned her. "You died," I mouthed. 

      "That's not funny Adrian," She retorted, "I'm afraid you are still ill."

      I stared. There's no way I'm the sick one. I'm sure she died. No. She didn't. 

     Everything was in a blur, even the handcuffs in my hands, even lying in a gurney and in a hospital gown. 

     Even Lanna Park. 



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